Last Harvest

(Photo taken on the farm of Frederick Bond, my father-in-law — a burly man who farmed for decades on the family homestead in Rawdon, Nova Scotia)

Last Harvest

The land is hushed,
The work is done,
The meadow turns to gold.
A weathered wheel,
A wooden rake,
A farmer’s tale unfolds.

There was a time
When rake and wheel
Served well this fertile land.
When leather rein,
And wooden yoke,
Responded to his hand.

But like the fields,
He took his rest
From years of toil and tare.
A wheel and rake
His epitaph:
A farmer once lived here.

– 2008 Nancy J. Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

20 thoughts on “Last Harvest”

  1. What a lovely way to celebrate your father in law’s life as a farmer. Great photo, i I love that wagon wheel with the wooden rake sitting on it.

    Thanks, Racquel — perhaps I’ll post some more photos of the farm. :)

  2. Such a gorgeous photo and a great perfectly-colored representation of harvest season in general. We too seldom celebrate the lives of farmers and working men and women – to our detriment. Beautiful work.

    Thank you, Steve — I couldn’t agree more.

  3. Nancy, this photo and poem have left me speechless. This is indeed a wonderful tribute to your father-in-law, but it is also a tribute to farmers everywhere. I know my own father would be moved by this poem. And the photo is spectacular–the colors and simple arrangement of the wheel and rake symbolize the harvest so well.
    I’m telling you, Nancy, you ought to put all these in a book!

    You are so sweet — perhaps someday that will come to pass. I hope so. In the meantime, I hope you’ll share this with your father.

  4. Another outstanding photo and poem. They’re both such a tribute to a way of life and to your fil. You have inspired me to try and take some nice fall photos myself and I agree with Rose that you should gather them together and get your own book published.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Kathleen! I look forward to seeing YOUR photos as well.

  5. Beautiful tribute, Nancy—to the season and to your father-in-law. The poetry that accompanies your stunning and magical photos take my breath away!

    Thank you, Kanak — I’m so pleased for your visits.

  6. Nancy – your blog has become a part of my early morning – always a lovely thought and image to start the day.

    How wonderful! I look forward to your visits. :)

  7. Your poem and photo are a beautiful poignant remembrance of a loved one

    Thanks, Donna — he was a lovely, gentle man.

  8. I thank you all for your comments — you’re all so very kind and encouraging. My FIL was a quiet, wonderful man who worked very hard all his life. He’s been gone for nearly 20 years but the family farm — which has been sold, sadly — still reveals much of his presence. It’s an almost magical place for me which provided nearly all of this family’s needs for over one hundred years, right down to the cranberries on the holiday table. :)

  9. What a beautiful poem and photo. It brings to mind my Grandfather who farmed and my Father, still farming.

    Then you would understand how I’ve come to think of that property as “magical” — even though it is out of the family now, I still try to go there for photos each year. It feels as much like home as any place I’ve actually lived. :)

  10. How lovely, Nancy, and what a beautiful tribute. I was most touched … you certainly are blessed with a gift for pairing your fine poetry and photography.

    That’s about as nice a thing as you could say, Joey…thanks so much!

  11. Oh Nancy,
    This is so beautifully expressed in both the poem and your photograph.
    You took my breath away when I saw that you wrote this as well.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    I would like to share this with my family as I know they would appreciate this as well.
    Nancy, I want to order an advance copy of your book!
    Your work is a treasure.

    Philip, thanks so much for your kind words and I would be so pleased if you shared it with your family. :)

  12. Late to the party again, but I can only echo what others before me have said. This has to be my favorite photo I’ve seen of yours, Nancy. The colors, the subject, the composition, everything. I’d like that supersized, with fries please. Put me on the advanced book list – autographed.

    Honey, you ROCK!

    Thanks, Debi! All this talk of books — from your lips to Someone’s ears! I think I might do some investigation. ;)

  13. Hi Nancy, lots of talk of book here. Each of your posts is like turning a new page of a beautiful tome of poems and photography. This one is special.


    Frances, thanks so much. You’re all so kind in your comments…and very encouraging!

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