Bloomin’ Tuesday

I thought I’d participate in Bloomin’ Tuesday this week, which is hosted by Ms Green Thumb.

Nasturtium Primrose Jewel

There’s not a whole lot of bloomin’ left in my balcony containers.  The geraniums continue to set out new buds and blooms in glorious shades of magenta, flame red, and salmon orange.  But I’ve posted so many pictures of them that I thought pay homage to the last few blooms of my “Bailey’s Bottle project”.

It’s been interesting to watch those tiny seeds sprout in such unusual places, but thrive they did, rewarding us with perfect, lemony blossoms.  I’ve completely cut back one container, but have left the Bailey’s Bottle to their own demise.  The frost has rendered those lovely umbrella leaves quite limp, but as you can see, it’s still determined to bloom.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Tuesday”

  1. Goodness, I can’t keep up with your posts, Nancy. You’re quite prolific and have such good things to say! My Dallas Red Lantana continues to take over our front pathway, and the butterflies continue to feed from them. The black swallowtails and tiger swallowtails are gone now, but various fritillaries and the Monarchs cover the blooms. Have a lovely day.

    I always look forward to your visits, Debi. :) Lantana – especially one with a citrusy-sounding name – is one of the plants that I intend to have lots of, if and when I have my own gardens again. And it’s such a butterfly magnet, as you’ve pointed out. The Monarchs are so lovely!

  2. Primrose Jewel deserves to be paid homage! What a gorgeous yellow bloom and welcome to Bloomin’ Tuesday. I love your little sign you made with the nasturium leaves, very cute. :)

    Thanks, Racquel – Bloomin’ Tuesday is just the thing as summer really winds down. The Primrose Jewel was a great find, especially with the double blooms.

  3. I paid homage to my homage to my beautiful nasturtiums this week too. Yours are lovely!

    Thanks, Suzanne – I’ll be checking out everyone’s posts shortly and look forward to exploring your blogs!

  4. Hello Nancy, I love your Nasturtiums blooms! I love their big round leaves too!
    Happy Bloomin Tuesday,
    Love, Ann

    Thanks for your visit, Ann – I hope you’ll stop by often. :)

  5. Hi! Nancy, Welcome to Bloomin’ Tuesday! I love to see closeups of annuals that I never plant. I really need to rethink my planting habits. Great post! Happy Bloomin’ Tuesday! Jean

    Thanks for the welcome, Jean!

  6. Happy Bloomin’ Tuesday Nancy! I love the beautiful yellow color of the nasturtiums. Seeing everyone’s lovely blooms has me planning for next year. I definitely am going to plant nastursiums.

    Hi Sweetie – yes, this nasturtium was particularly pretty, I thought, with it’s double blooms and soft, buttery yellow. They’re a staple in my little garden.

  7. It won’t be long and there will be no blooms to post. WHINE…

    Ah Lisa, there will always be some part of Nature in bloom, even if it’s the green of a conifer. :) Some of the nicest photos I saw last winter were of plants that had gone to seed – so many have interesting seed pods and foliage. Chin up! :)

  8. It is just now time for me to start nasturtium. I grow them during the winter. We hardly ever freeze.

    Lucky you, to be able to garden year round! :)

  9. Tag…you’ve been given a humble little award so come for a visit and pick it up and we’ll share a virtual cup of tea.

    Oh boy! I’ll be there asap! :)

  10. Your nasturtium is very nice! We keep a couple of them planted to keep bugs away from the veggies in the garden. I enjoyed your grandson picture and quote on the sidebar; we’re expected our first grandson in January.

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