Peaceful Path

I took this photo last weekend on a trip home.  The path, close to the lighthouse,  winds its way through a wooded area to a popular look-off, on a cliff high above the beach, which we always called Fisherman’s Ladder when we were kids — logically, because a large, wooden ladder had been built and was maintained for many years, as an escape for anyone who foolishly disregarded or failed to educate themselves about the speed and cunning of the world’s highest tides.

The society which has worked so hard to preserve and maintain the lighthouse has also maintained this passageway and done some lovely landscaping on the property.  But this simple, gravel path which seems to disappear into the darkness of the woods beyond, appealed to me in a way that no flower can.  So, I share it with you. :)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

15 thoughts on “Peaceful Path”

  1. Oh, it looks like a serene painting! Frame that one! I’m always saying that, aren’t I? Guess you can’t frame them all. But that is spectacular. I feel as though I could just look into the greenery and sink into relaxation.

  2. Nancy, oh Nancy. Each time I visit here you take my breath away with your stories, your prose and your photographs. This pathway photo looks like a painting by one of the Masters – actually, you are creating modern masterpieces each and every day. I’m crazy about this photograph. The subtle, glowing light on the tree trunks and leaves, the path bending into the darkness is ethereal. I almost expect to see one of Frances’ faires peaking around the base of a tree. Thanks for sharing your visions and your obvious mastery of word and pixel.

  3. Thank you, ladies, for your generous comments, as always. :) This is another one of those “perfect places” that take me all the way back to childhood. You can watch the sun set behind Cape Blomidon from the lookoff here, and dream an entire day away on the mossy softness. Yup, I sure do miss it.

    Also, for all who read and comment here, I’d like to say thank you for anyone who might have cast a vote my way for the Blotanical awards — I was very pleasantly surprised to find my blog among the nominees! I’m tickled pink and most honored just to be nominated.

  4. An enchanting photo, Nancy. White birch tug at my heart as does a haunting path. Kudos, dear bloggin’ friend.

    Hey, Joey — I love white birch, too. One of my favorite trees. :) It’s beautiful any time of year, even in the snow.

  5. What a wonderful place to have connected you from childhood until now. The birch trees and winding path invite us to explore and find what lies beyond, in addition to being so peaceful at the same time. Lovely.

    It is a cherished place, indeed. :)

  6. Nancy, this photo looks like a renaissance painting. It draws you onto the path. I want to go there and see the lighthouse.

    Well, I shall have to get a good photo of the lighthouse next, then!

  7. I can see the appeal. It’s very inviting and I agree with several of the posters who say it begs to be followed. What is it about a path that makes you want to see where it leads?? Sounds like this one goes to a very picturesque place.

    Curiosity and that never-ending desire to see what lies “beyond”. :) Next time I’m there, and that should be when the leaves are at their peak, I’ll take some more pics from the end of the path and of the lighthouse. :)

  8. It’s a lovely photo, Nancy, and that part of the graveled path looks like a place that those of us in ‘the middle’ may have seen and can relate to – but when you start talking about oceans and beaches, tides and ladders, we know we’re in a very different place!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. What a beautiful, absolutely dreamy path. It makes feel that I just have to go down that way … and maybe wander into Neverland? or Narnia?

    What a lovely thought! Thanks for your visit.

  10. That is absolutely lovely! By the way, isn’t it funny how we have our own “homes” now, but that there often seems to be a place that we also call “home,” no matter where else in the world our lives take us? Your photo and words made me think about this today… :)

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