* Chicory *

Petals barely brushed with blue,
(One of Nature’s secret hues);
Jagged ends look scissor-cut,
By summer noon, each bloom is shut.
I think that roses are sublime,
And fragrant lilies’ blooms are fine;
All beautiful!  But as for me…
I much prefer this chicory.

© 2008 Nancy Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

15 thoughts on “Chicory”

  1. Kathleen, Barbee, Nan – thanks so much for your visits! Yes, chicory is a common “weed” here in Nova Scotia and fields and roadsides are blue with it in late July/August. I thought it was unusual for it to still be in bloom last weekend, but it’s been such a crazy year for plants here, I shouldn’t be surprised. And yes, they do use the dried chicory root in some coffees, or as a coffee substitute. The entire plant is supposed to be good for the digestive system and will, apparently, eliminate parasites in some grazing animals. Many farmers plant it in fields for that reason. :) I’ve always loved the color and the flower shape. Glad you liked my silly little poem!

  2. Hi Nancy, thanks for gracing us with your talent, we love the photos and poems together. I love chicory too, as it blooms along the roadside with insult and injury heaped upon it by passing cars and even road salt in the winter, but it just keeps on blooming. I especially love it with Queen Anne’s Lace and black eyed susans, a perfect bouquet.


  3. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who thinks roadside weeds are beautiful. I’m a long-time chicory fan, good for you for celebrating it. And I also like queen anne’s lace and black eyed susans big time. I bet if they were hard to grow, horticulturalists would be wild about them.

    My understanding is that roasted chicory root added to coffee makes the expensive coffee go farther, and mellows the flavor. The digestive aid would be an extra bonus! I didn’t know about that. I’ve also had chicory root in “grain coffee” mixes.

  4. Karen, Frances, Pomona – first, thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind comments. Yes, chicory is certainly a hardy little thing — where I photographed these, the plants would be plowed to the ground in winter, sprayed generously with salt, and left to their own devices all summer, yet they bounce back year after year. And yet – try to put a few stalks in a vase and the blooms will wilt before your very eyes. You wouldn’t think something so sensitive could be so hardy at the same time! Their blooms are so short-lived.

  5. Okay, what the heck is goin’ on? I didn’t get the memo on people migrating to WordPress, and the first two blogs I land on tonight in my attempt to reconnect with the garden world have moved? What’s up with that? What did blogger do now?

    Hey jodi! You’ve probably missed the latest hooplah regarding Blogger/Feedburner feeds as you were under the weather. You should probably be able to get a proper explanation from Stuart’s News posts. I got tired of waiting (not for Stuart, but for the Blogger feed) and made the change to WP. It was a good move as I really like it. It wasn’t *just* Blogger this time, but Feedburner, mostly. Stuart is still trying to figure things out. I think I left my new URL in a comment a while back. Actually, your posts were being picked up again! :) It’s good to see your comment again…I hope you’re doing better.

  6. We have had several stands of chicory around the yard this summer, and I have refused to cut it down–I love that beautiful shade of blue, too.
    Your poetry is filled with such sensory impressions–have you considered publishing it with your photos as illustrations?
    The photos a few days ago of the reflections were …well, I can’t think of an adjective that doesn’t sound trite. Let’s just say I really, really liked them!

    Rose, thank you so much for your very kind comments. I have thought about putting a book of poetry and photos together, if only for family gifts. The problem is my (very tight) budget. :) I’m just so happy that you and others enjoy them. Who knows, I might send a query off to a publisher. ;)

  7. Extraordinary! I love seeing a profusion of chicory blue but confess to never stopping the car to take in the blossom’s details. So glad you did that for me, Nancy, for all of us!

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