I walked a road I’d walked before,
With gold leaves at my feet;
A flock of geese soared overhead,
Their trumpets clear and sweet.
The chilled, blue sky held up their wings,
I pondered where they slept;
I’m sure their special hideaways
Are secrets all well kept.
I swept my path with frozen toes,
And carried on my way,
Deciding that a morning walk
Should always start my day.
For things we think we know about,
So frequently unseen,
Are crystalized in dawn’s gold light,
Like evanescent dreams.

© 2006 Nancy J. Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

18 thoughts on “Evanescence”

  1. Nancy, this is funny, I was reading your post while you were reading mine, what are the odds…. great poem and beautiful picture btw :)

    That’s quite a coincidence — thanks for your comments, and I’m enjoying your blog very much. :)

  2. I saw you wrote that two years ago but it’s just as perfect and fitting today. The accompanying photo suits it to a “T” too! :-) I am loving your switch to wordpress btw also.

    Hello Kathryn – thank you for your generous comments. I’m liking WP quite well; it’s not quite as “versatile” as Blogger, but it seems to be very reliable. :)

  3. Nancy – this is a beautiful marriage of poetry and image. It made me feel uplifted and cheerful. Your words remind me why I love this time of year.

    Thanks so much, Deborah – I’m glad it had that effect! :)

  4. You have such a knack for the cadence of a poem. That is both a lovely poem and a beautiful photo. All winners! Just like you. Oh, and love your blog change. Easier to comment now!

    I toy with the idea of going back to Blogger all the time; but I guess I’ll stay put. :) And you, my dear, are far too kind. But I thank you.

  5. Ah Nancy, I could physically feel every line, every word. Exquisitely crafted poem and beautifully photographed. This poem really speaks to me as I walk every morning, starting before dawn and return home after the sunrise. Lovely, just lovely. May I print this for my Vision Board?

    Of course you can print this for your Vision Board – I’m flattered as can be! I don’t get out for those early morning walks nearly as often as I should. We live in a relatively quiet area of town (hospital zone), but the only place to walk, really, are long stretches of concrete sidewalk. Then again, there’s no reason why I couldn’t drive to a walking trail early morning and be back in time for hubby to take the car to work. It is a lovely, lovely time of day as the world stretches and yawns to wakefulness. :)

  6. Hi Nancy, I have never been a big fan of poetry, most of it is over my head, but your words were understandable and emotional in a way that made my toes feel that cold. Thank you.

    Ah, the ultimate compliment, Frances! Thanks so much.

  7. This is just beautiful Nancy. Thank you so much for sharing it. My nine year old is studying poetry and I am going to print this out for his studies. It is so fitting to the coming season.

    I am so pleased, Cynthia!

  8. Hi Nancy, My morning walks are always good for insight and walking through leaves is a favorite sense memory for me.


    Long walks are good for the soul, especially in an area where your thoughts can run free. :) I love walking through the leaves, even more so when they start to fall. We’re still just seeing the smallest hint of color here.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful experience and we both know that experience is what we aim for. Quality experience. I’d like to take that walk with you one morning. ;> It’s beautiful, Nancy. And those yellow leaves are favorites.

    A stroll with you in those yellow leaves would be most welcome, Janie. :)

  10. Great picture Nancy! Are the leaves already turning up there? I like how the picture seems soft and a little hazy.

    I got some photos today of some early fall colors — it’s uncharacteristically early for reds and golds, but they are definitely there already. I hope this does bode of an early than usual winter. :-/ I’m so glad you dropped by!

  11. A lovely photo and post, Nancy. I love that you are sharing your poetry. You have a gift and giving me courage to post more from my hidden stockpile. Morning walks are the best for energizing creative juices …

    I’m so happy that you enjoy my poems, Joey! I hope you’ll post more of your own!

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