The Calm AFTER The Storm

I spied this rather abstract shot this morning while putting balcony furniture and pots of flowers back into place.  I’d grouped the plants snugly together to protect them from the wind which (thankfully) didn’t materialize.  I’d turned a small, glass-topped table upside down so it wouldn’t blow over and the petals from geraniums which were nestled at its base stayed stuck to the glass when it was upright.  The dimples in the glass and the red petals make a rather striking shot, don’t you think?

“After a storm comes a calm.” – Mathew Henry


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “The Calm AFTER The Storm”

  1. What a wonderful, creative eye you have, Nancy. I ADORE this shot. Good luck with your new place – hope this works better for you.

  2. Nancy what an intensely coloured picture .. it looks fantastic and I would buy it if I had seen it in an art shop : )
    I love your new header picture of the leaves too .. I think my blog is stuck in a rut ! LOL

  3. Very nice new blog! I love the fall leave. Glad Hanna didn’t do much damage your way. We got rain and some wind. Nothing impressive. Though it’s warm, fall is beginning to make its presence known. Hugs

  4. What a neat picture. When I first saw it I thought the petals were floating on water. Very cool.

    Hope you like WordPress. It was what I use and I like it very much. :)

  5. Gail — so far, I’m really liking WP, simply for its reliability. It was easy as can be to make the switch — it has a great importer for your existing blog. I’m still trying to find the right template as you can’t manipulate WP templates unless you bump up to a paid account, but as long as it’s reliable, that’s really all that matters in the end. :)

  6. As beautiful as all your photos are, my eye and heart are struck first each time I come here by your grandson’s smile. I just love that picture. Those dear little teeth. He is adorable.

  7. Indeed a stunning photo, Nancy. Your new WordPress home is very inviting. While I limp around like a wimp, I’m most impressed with your computer savy!

  8. Nan – I love this photo, too, taken on his birthday the end of August. It’s a perfect reflection of his personality. He’s a happy little guy. :)

    Joey – I’m afraid I wouldn’t say I have much computer savvy. I just stumble around in the dark until I figure it out. But thanks! I hope you’ll visit often!

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