A Sigh of Relief

Nova Scotian’s heaved a collective sigh of relief today, I’m sure, as tropical storm Hanna briefly made her presence known by some gusty winds and a few hours of heavy rain, but for the most part, left the province unscathed.

There was some expected flooding in low-lying areas and some power outages, but Hanna didn’t pack the punch that was forecast, and that’s a good thing. :) It’s been a very warm, humid day that promises to be an uncomfortable night, but it could be much worse. The forecast for the week ahead looks brilliant — sunny with much clearer air and lower temps.

(photo Lisa Betts @ cbc.ca)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

5 thoughts on “A Sigh of Relief”

  1. That is the best news Nancy, we hear the news and worry about our friends all over the blogasphere. I am very glad you faired well.


  2. Hi Nancy, While I don’t normally think of your area as one that is threatened by hurricanes, you have opened the tunnel vision to other parts of the world. Thank you. I want to add how beautiful your blog looks. Last night the photo at the header was brilliant orange leaves and now it is more of a mix. You are so talented! I would love to discuss with you how you like wordpress if you have the time.


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