Holy Hanna!

On Sunday, Hanna is expected to track directly across Nova Scotia, bringing with it heavy rain and high winds. It appears it could be a pretty nasty day.

If you click to enlarge this graphic, you’ll see some colored dots — the red dot is Chey, a maritime gardener in Pictou, and the blue dot is Jodi, bloomingwriter, who lives close to Canning. They’re just about as perfectly in the predicted path as could be. The green dot indicates my hometown of Walton, where my parents still live, and the pink dot is the town of Windsor that I (temporarily) call home.

So, batten down gals! Though Hanna is expected to stay a tropical storm as it reaches the Maritimes, she could still pack a devilish punch. To all who are in her path today and tomorrow, I hope Hanna’s touch is a gentle one.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “Holy Hanna!”

  1. Stay safe & dry Nancy. I know where I live is in the pathway too. This is the time of year we are most likely to see storms here.

  2. It looks like they readjusted the path so that now the center is going right over where I live in South Carolina. I was hoping that it would stay east of us because after the center passes over you the wind switches. When that wind switches is when some real wind damage can happen.

    Looks like the storm will come up fast on you guys up north! It’ll probably be moving at around 45 mph on Sunday. Batten down is right!

  3. We are gonna get slammed as well here in the Outer Banks. *sigh* This one is actually not as scary as Ivan (I think that’s the name)
    Stay safe!

  4. Nancy, I had no idea you all lived so close to each other. And my knowledge of that area is sadly lacking so the map was very interesting. Hopefully the winds and rain won’t do to much damage, but just the same be careful.

  5. Sounds like the perfect excuse to spend the day reading! Be safe when you are attempting to photograph the maelstrom :)

  6. According to the weather reports this morning, Hanna dumped some rain on the Carolinas, but did little damage there. I hope that Hanna has blown herself out by the time she gets to you. Take care, Nancy.

  7. Good luck and God bless to you all! We’ve been getting a lot of rain down here in PA today, but though heavy, it hasn’t been terrifying. And, as you can see, we still have power! May Hanna bring you nothing more than a little rain for the garden!

  8. Oh my, wet and stormy weather heading your way. Stay inside and stay safe. Make sure all outside things are battened down.

  9. Hi, Nancy, I will be thinking of you this afternoon and will stay tuned to CNN for a weather report. Hope you and yours all stay dry and safe and sound. Kathryn xoxo

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