New in Lawn Care

Just a catch up post to show you the newest thing in lawn care. :-) We spent the day in New Brunswick yesterday, celebrating my grandson’s second birthday, combined with a surprise housewarming for my daughter and SIL. It was a wonderful day with family and friends, and though we’re a little road weary today from the 11 hours of driving, it was worth every second.

Now, back to “regularly scheduled programming”. :-)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

6 thoughts on “New in Lawn Care”

  1. Wow, he looks small on that thing! I’m driving to see mine 12th of September. Six or so hours there, the same of course back. A day’s driving. Wears me out, then I don’t have any energy left for him for about a day after I arrive!

  2. Nancy,

    There is just too much preciousness in your post today! Your darling grandson is growing up! Thanks for sharing with we grandchildren-less folks!


  3. He is so cute with his brown eyes and blond hair. I’m sure there are more but I’ve only seen one other that I can remember.

  4. In his mind, he’s just like daddy. He doesn’t know he’s two. I love the way a child views life. Very cute picture.

  5. Brenda – how wonderful for you to have a visit. Yes, those long hours on the road are tiring, but certainly worth it. We had a great day. As Gail pointed out, he’s growing up waaay too fast; even at the tender age of two, I see changes from month to month now, especially now that he’s mastering so many new words and phrases. He gets the blond hair from both parents, as my daughter’s hair was that color when she was that age, even though it’s dark now — but those big brown eyes are definitely his Daddy’s. :) It isn’t the typical blond combination. Ah yes, Anna – to be able to view the world through a child’s eyes once again. ::sigh::

  6. I can see why you’re in love :) Those gorgeous eyes, blond hair and beautiful! Grandchildren are the best thing since sliced bread, aren’t they? We have 2 little blondies too..both boys, and oh, how they love to ride on tractors!
    I thought our 3 hrs each way was long, but 11 hours…that’s long!

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