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Brenda of thebrendablog came up with a great idea after showing her readers where she creates and where she blogs–that is, to host a tour of bloggers who were interested in showing their creative space. You can find out more about the tour and the participating blogs on Brenda’s site.

If you still want to be part of the tour, just take some photos of the space where you create, be it ever so humble. Write a post tomorrow about your space. And shoot me an email. I’ll add you to the list. In tomorrow’s post, I will tell about our “Where Bloggers Create” tour and link to all of you. Then everyone can take the virtual tour. Enjoy other blogger’s spaces, get some ideas, salivate. Hyper-ventilate. Whatever.

Well, I bit, and took a couple of photos of the spaces in which I write. I’m afraid they’re not very inspiring, but that’s what comes of hand-me-down desks and small apartments. :)

* * *

My desktop computer (that lime green tower to the bottom left) sits on a tiny little desk we cut down from a very large one my FIL gave us. My hubby and I each have our own computers — he’s a computer service tech and actually has one of every variety, I believe. He has a large desk in the living room, where mine also used to be. But two desks in our main living area took up a lot of space; not only that, but my hubby likes to play games and his computer time cut sharply into the peace and quiet I craved for writing. I needed my own space…my own “sacred” space, so to speak.

So, after much huffing, puffing and rearranging, I managed to eek out a small corner in our bedroom (thus, the cutting down of the desk) where I could close the door behind me, listen to my favorite music, and have the quiet time I needed. And when I say a “small corner”, I do mean a small corner!

I didn’t realize until I took this photo just how cluttered my desk looks! But honestly, everything on it serves a purpose and has its own place. It’s just your typical, run of the mill, garden variety (hah!) supplies. Some time I’ll write a post about the photo that hangs above my desk. :)

In very hot weather, when I don’t want to heat up the bedroom with my desktop, or when there’s something on TV I want to keep an eye on, I curl up on the couch with a laptop.

So, as unexciting as it is, this is my little creative corner of the world, just waiting for me to pound out that best seller! ;-) I look forward to seeing everyone else’s creative space.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

15 thoughts on “Everyday Spaces”

  1. You’re making me green with envy, your own computer AND a laptop! Looks like you are making the most of your space, it’s adorable. My desk looked pretty messy in the photos, too; funny, I never notice it!
    Nola from AlamoNorth

  2. I read the comment above; how funny! Anyway, back to your space. I told someone earlier that I favor small, cozy spaces over large, roomy ones. I truly do. My husband says I clutter a room up. So no matter how big it is, I’m going to be a-d-d-i-n-g to it! As long as you have your space for solitude, it can be in a closet. And some I’ve seen today were truly in a closet! Heck, I wouldn’t mind having one in there so’s I could close the door. I’d bet you take that laptop outside when you can too! Thank you so much Nancy for participating!

  3. Isn’t it great how music and creating go hand and hand? Glad to hear your desk and your music are right close!

    Keep on creating :)

  4. Nancy .. I’m still laughing as I write this .. about the liquor bottles being stashed away .. too funny .. maybe if it was winter time we would catch you at it better ? LOL
    I am up here in the kitchen while hubby is down in the family room with our main computer .. I truly believe men and women should not be in the same space while on their computers !! haha
    This is quite the idea .. invading creative spaces of others .. I like it ! : )

  5. I guess we have a common theme with using our bedroom as our creative space. It's nice to have a space you can go and close the door behind you, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your creative space. :) Cozy spaces are very charming in my opinion. And your's is quite personable & reflects that a person lives & works in this area.

  6. What a treat to get to meet you AND peek in your private little creating space–all at once! I love the fact that you re-did the old desk and made it suit your needs! (Only a creative person would think to do that!) I don’t think your desk looks cluttered at all–wish I knew a computer tech first hand–lucky gal! Dana
    Loved that first comment–too funny!

  7. Hi Nancy, Your creative space is cozy and very inviting. A great place to be at home, relax and let your creative juices run wild.
    My favorite place to blog is curled up on the sofa with my laptop. Like right now!!
    Thank you for sharing your spacec.
    Happy Writing!
    la rea rose

  8. OOOO you have one of those BIG screens! When I upgrade, I’m going BIGGER! AND what a sweet baby on your screen! I think it is impossible to work at a space and NOT have stuff. Your stuff looks very organized! Enjoy your spaces!

  9. Hi Nancy, your creative space looks organized and well-supplied. How resourceful of you to be able to carve out a spot, however small, all of your own. It’s great you have a laptop in addition to your desktop. It must be nice to have a portable workspace!

  10. Nancy, I believe there are people who put everything away and then there are the rest of us! I make piles and I know where everything is!

    How wonderful that you have a laptop, too! Can you feel the… joy I have for your computer situation! Thank you for sharing your space and the personal tour. I love seeing your grandson on your monitor, he is a cutie pie!


  11. It was fun to take a peek into your writing world. And, along with many, I don’t think your desk looks messy–it looks ready for work. (I always think of that famous picture of Einstein’s desk whenever I feel remiss about my own organizing/filing capabilities.)

    This was a fun idea of Brenda’s.

    And of course the intoxicants are hidden in those false books…

  12. Wish I had a laptop so I can be in a more comfy corner when I’m posting…I see I’m not the only one who keeps lotion next to my sofa. Your creative corner must suit you just fine, you always have something great in your blog!

  13. I think the location is not important. It is the ability of the mind that is important. I could have the most wonderful workspace in the world and my product would not be as good as that of writers who have more talent. It is the creative mind that is at work and those could work on a bus writing on the back of the envelope containing their utilities bill. Sigh… it must be nice.

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