Bird Watching

The rose bush just off the balcony simply thrummed with birdsong this morning. Scores of sparrows–obviously attracted by the Bug or Seed Du Jour–flocked to their thorny perches and saluted the morning with their happy chorus.

I wonder if they would have sung with such reckless abandon had they known what bird watcher crouched mere feet away, “well hidden” under the protective canopy of giant geranium leaves. :-)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

11 thoughts on “Bird Watching”

  1. I must be too loud, Nancy. Cause I can’t get a shot of those birds like you can. They’re off and gone before I get a good one!

  2. No worries, PGL — he’s an indoor kitty only, and he’s never outside alone. Our balcony is only a short jump to the ground (for a kitty!). His meow is worse than his bite. ;)

  3. Sparrows like to visit my garden in the morning as well but like Brenda said I must be too loud as I can never get their picture! Lovely shots of them today Nancy.

  4. Such a fine looking kitty that no wonder the birdies like him. He/she looks like snow! I love the shot with just the itty bitty head showing. That is clever.

  5. I doubt it! Just tried to leave a message on the applesauce post. My comment disappeared, and I won’t do it again, incase it is lurking somewhere in the shadows like your cat!

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