Geranium Mania

I thought before (another) rainfall deflowers more blooms on the balcony that I’d take a few shots of the geraniums in the railing flower box. Geraniums might be “granny plants” to some, but they never fail to please me. :) And that’s okay because I’m a granny! I’m unsure of their botanical names, but this one small box has a bubblegum pink, a flamingo pink ivy, and a salmon colored plant. When they choose to flower at the same time, it’s a bright and cheery combination.

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

17 thoughts on “Geranium Mania”

  1. I’m a granny too, as you know, and geraniums are always a favorite of mine. I have one that’s been out there three years, dies back and then comes back every spring. Haven’t been as lucky with the others. Always enjoy seeing geraniums, Nancy!

  2. Nice shots! I’m no granny but grannies do know a thing or two, so if they like them then there must be something to geraniums!

  3. Plants get renamed or reclassified and confunsion ensues. Pelargoniums are, more often than not, called geraniums. Whatever you call them, they come in some of the most varied colors. This season I, not intending to buy any, could not pass up a deep, intensely red one. Your photos are lovely.

  4. Mother Nature – I have another large, clay pot that has a brilliant red, salmon, and pink plants in it. The red is very showy, but they don’t seem to be as prolific a bloomer as the other ones…different light, perhaps.

  5. Lovely Geraniums, one of my grandmother's favorites. I have to admit they do brighten up a garden or windowbox with their brilliant blooms & variety of colors. The vining type are gorgeous in containers or hanging planters.

  6. I love geraniums for the simple fact that sure can pack a punch when it comes to color. I have never heard of them being granny plants though! My husband does not like them for the simple fact that the leaves stink. He’s right but I still love them anyway!

  7. The geraniums are so colourful and cheery.
    Geraniums always remind me of my father. He loved them, and took numerous cuttings to raise indoors over the winter. Most of the windowsills in our house, as well as his homemade light table were full of the growing geraniums. Then next summer, the garden would be full of their beauty again.

  8. Nancy, this granny loves them too. They need more sun than we have in the back yard, but I love them in pots in front – so colorful, and I love that they don’t need to be watered every day.

  9. Granny plants, eh? Don’t tell WN or she’ll tease me to no end. We have this ongoing difference of opinion–she prefers the “granny” plants and I prefer the “outerspace” or “exotic” plants. But I love geraniums–especially the salmon colored ones.

  10. Perhaps “granny plants” but the colors are sublime, and they are some of my favorite summer flowers. They are also the least demanding of garden residents. Lovely photos…

  11. sweet pix of pelargoniums! great colours and the rain drops just make them even prettier.
    the heavy, sudden rains of this summer has been a problem for my pelargoniums too – they like rain (obviously) but the hard & heavy kind that lasts for a mere 10 minutes but leaves a lake, is not their favourite!
    funny that the husband of Cindy thinks the leaves stink… apart from the flowers my main reason for having them is the smell!! i adore their smell :-D

  12. Great shots of the geraniums, try as I might, just can’t get them to show up as nicely as you have managed.


  13. What beautiful photos! I love geraniums as well, especially the once with a very rich, saturated colour. There’s something very pleasing about the scent of their foliage as well. Do you ever overwinter them?


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