Stormy Eve

(Extraordinary photo © Matthew Sullivan)


Last night a storm fell on the world
From heights of drouth and heat,
The surly clouds for weeks were furled,
The air could only sway and beat.

The beetles clattered at the blind,
The hawks fell twanging from the sky,
The west unrolled a feathery wind,
And the night fell sullenly.

The storm leaped roaring from its lair,
Like the shadow of doom,
The poignard lightning searched the air,
The thunder ripped the shattered gloom.

The rain came down with a roar like fire,
Full-voiced and clamorous and deep,
The weary world had its heart’s desire,
And fell asleep.

Duncan Campbell Scott


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

7 thoughts on “Stormy Eve”

  1. Extraordinary sky picture Nancy. The sky is so beautiful with those shades of purple & pink reflecting off the sand and water. The poem was a perfect fit.

  2. Thanks, all, for your wonderful comments! We had quite a storm last evening that moved away and back again several times in the space of a few hours. The beautiful photo was taken by Matthew Sullivan, and you can see more of his work if you use the link below the photo.

  3. Wow Nancy! Extraordinary is the perfect word to describe it.

    The new photo of your grandson in your sidebar is gorgeous. What a precious little boy!

  4. Oh, wow. I love summer storms, especially storms on the water be it ocean, river or lake. That is an extraordinary photo and amazing poem. Thank you SO much for bringing back some good feelings.

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