Happy Jalapenos

Three plants in a pot?
Way too many, I thought.
But I’m glad to report
That these peppers are hot!
They’re growing so tall:
Three feet, all in all!
With dozens of blooms;
What a crop…a windfall!



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “Happy Jalapenos”

  1. Everyone’s agreeing: they do look like rather healthy peppers! You look (and said) you’ve got a small space, but it sure looks cozy. I like small and cozy myself. I could live in one big room and be happy though!

  2. I liked everything about this post: photo, poem, and peppers!
    How clever, talented, and creative you are Nancy.

    Best regards, Jon at Mississippi Garden blog on 8-10-08

  3. I love jalapenos! I bet they’re awesome fresh! Are you getting lots and lots of rain over your way? Everything is so green here!

  4. Seeing your jalapeños made me run right outside to check on my habanero plant. All my other peppers have fruit but the habanero has stubbornly resisted flowering. This morning I found the tiniest pepper! Happy habanero here!

  5. OK, what’s your secret? My jalapenos (and seranos) are NOT doing so well; my tomatoes? So-so. My Anasazi beans, fair.

    They must simply feel unloved, I guess…


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