Garden Bloggers’ Muse Day — August 2008

One Uncrowded Nasturtium

Such a keen disappointment,
having only one plant
grow from two whole packets of seed.
But I nurtured the one
and gave up on the rest,
and that one little plant
was uncommonly blest
for it vined and it spread
from the east to the west.

It snaked and it slithered around the whole plot,
where the cayennes, habaneros and basils abounded,
it sped and encircled and quite nearly surrounded
those unfortunate, less mobile plants.

And, oh, how it bloomed!
Large, peppery blooms,
ostentatiously orange with
a radishy bite.
One uncrowded nasturtium,
ambitious and bold
yielded its harvest,
a good hundred-fold.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Muse Day — August 2008”

  1. The poem is so sweet to go along with that lovely bloom. I’ve never heard that poem before, nice touch. :)

  2. … and pretty tasty the petals are too! Peppery lovely with rocket salad!.. LOL
    lovey pic…

  3. I dub you the winner for me today. I love this so much. The color, the poem, and most of all the flower you chose, just got me right here. (hand on heart)

  4. I enjoyed your poem. I thought stuff like that (one seed growing out of a packet/packets) just happened to me ;)

  5. Thanks for this! it’s always a lift to come to your site.

    And I’m with muum…I thought I was the only one who had the one-seed-growing-from-a-packet phenomenon. Especially embarrassing when it’s something that’s supposed to be easy to grow.

    But I have hopes of at least one pale yellow and several deep red nasturtiums…

  6. I really enjoyed reading this poem. I also noticed these hair-like ‘things’ on the flower I have never noticed before. You are really good with headlines Nancy! Hot Topic for J.- peppers – good one. Have a nice weekend!

  7. What a fun poem. I’d rather have only 1 exuberantly spreading Nasturtium than a potful of pathetic annual Lobelia.

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