Garden Umbrellas

I guess we actually need the rain, according to those who have much larger gardens than I do, and who depend on a good ground soaking to top up their wells. And I won’t complain; these rainy days are infinitely nicer than the heat and humidity we have been having. Above is tropical storm Cristobal’s expected path as it brushes by Nova Scotia on Tuesday. Some heavy rain and brisk winds are all that’s in the forecast.

Don’t these nasturtium leaves look like they could be umbrellas for tiny critters?

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “Garden Umbrellas”

  1. Tommy the Toad would love those nasturtiums as shade. During the day he hides underneath the nearby cluster of English ivy. At night he jumps into the small aloe pot. We need rain too. And I’m hooked on that video! Last night I listened and watched yet again before I left the computer for the night. Sang that song to myself the rest of the evening!

  2. I’m really glad you liked the video, Brenda. It is a beautiful song, as are most of what Sarah Mclachlan records. :) I used it to make a video montage of my grandson, too.

  3. Yes, they are sweet little umbrellas….you must have an extraordinary green thumb to get them to grow from a bottle!

  4. I like the nasturtiums with water droplets…I’m almost waiting for some small creature to come take a drink!

  5. A bunch of little fairies could use those leaves as umbrellas. We need rain. The heat index might reach 110 today. Now that’s hot.

    I have already done my yard work.

  6. Nasturtium leaves are my favorite. There is something blod and delicate about them at the same time. I’ve also thought they looked like Lilly Pads.

  7. Yes, they certainly do look as though they could be umbrella for the wee critters. I don’t have nasturtiums this year which is unusual but I too love how the droplets bead on them like your top picture shows so well.

  8. I love Nasturtium leaves as much as the blooms and I didn’t grow any this year. I miss them. I’ll enjoy these exquisite photos of yours!

  9. I can see the fairies having a grand time under the natural canape of the nasturtium! Your picture of the sparkling dew fanned out like a flower –or star– or…is magical!


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