Mellow Yellow

The Bailey’s Bottle Bloom has finally started to open. :) And what a pretty, soft yellow it is. It’s frilly, double blooms should be beautiful when they all open. [Nasturtium – Primrose Jewel]. There are many buds yet to open on this one plant, and I have more planted in other pots, but I’ve been babying this one. The bloom isn’t fully open yet; I’ll take more photos as others open.

Another pretty yellow that caught my eye earlier this week is this Common Birdsfoot Trefoil or Birdsfoot Deervetch, a common native flower found along roadsides, pastures, and in our paved parking lot! Viewed closely, you can see the pea type bloom (even though it is of the Lotus genus) and I thought it rather remarkable the way the blooms looked like spokes of a wheel. I’m sure I’ve seen this many times before, but never really stopped to LOOK.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow”

  1. Isn’t it funny how sometimes we “never manage to stop and look” when you pause to think what we “rushed around women” are likely missing! Yes, it does look like a wheel. I love that shade of yellow (or perhaps a tad gold.) And it’s remarkable what came from that ugly plastic bottle, isn’t it?

  2. Oh, how lovely. I love them all. I am adding this to my list of flowers. Mother, when young, loved to plant these. I bet Bailey is proud of them. I was pondering life this morning and it is so true, that every day is a gift, and miracles happen all day long.

    A big hug.

  3. That is the prettiest yellow. A perfect contrast to those round green leaves. Another plant to add to my wish list.

    Those backlit geraniums? in the previous post are so pretty.

  4. Wonderful pictures Nancy! It’s nice to finally see the face of that sweet little bud. And I love the wildflower! I’ll have to keep my eye out for that one.

  5. Nasturtiums only grow as cool season plants for us who live on the Gulf Coast, but after seeing your lovely yellow one, I wish they grew year round.

    Always Growing.

  6. Nancy:

    These photos made my day! You are so talented (and you know that I don’t throw that word around easily!)

  7. That little Trefoil is the pretties lemon yellow, and it seems to bloom all summer in the worst conditions. I’ve always been tempted to collect some seed and grow it for my garden, but I don’t know how it will react in good garden soil. Maybe I’ll give it a try in its own little area, just to see. Seeing your pictures certainly tempts me.

  8. Beautiful yellows! Isn’t it funny that there are so many common flowers like this birdsfoot that we see every day but don’t stop to notice how lovely they are.

    The nasturtium is really taking off!

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