Grandma’s Garden

I remember Grandma’s garden
The beauty and the grace
Of all the lovely flowers
In that dear, sweet place
I remember Grandma’s smile
As she planted, pruned, and tilled
Laboring with love and laughter
As this world with joy she filled
I remember Grandma’s patience
When we ran amid the flowers
With her beauty all around us
We would spend those precious hours
I remember Grandma’s garden
And I’m happy in the knowing
That when she knelt there in the soil
It wasn’t just flowers she was growing.
– Erin Kilmer

[photo source]


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Grandma’s Garden”

  1. This poem really does remind me of my grandmother. I have several plants that grew in her garden in mine. I wish she would have lived until I had my garden. I know I would have learned a great deal from her.

    Always Growing

  2. I believe that my love for flowers came from my grandmother. She was a great gardender. I spent my summers on her farm. She raised free range chickens for egg production. What wonderful memories she left me, and what a lovely poem to celebrate Grandmothers.

  3. hello! I like the theme and atmosphere of your blog….very relaxing, l hope you are happy for me to link to it…it will be a great place to visit after venting!! full of great images of one of my favourite thigs, nature…


    many thanks, l will be back often!!

    Sara x

  4. How Lovely Nancy.
    I remember my Grandmothers Garden – and now I am back living near where she lived when I visited her as a child. I hope I have grandchildren one day –
    Warm regards

  5. A lovely, nostalgic poem, Nancy. I was thinking of my own grandmother when I read this, and then I thought, I hope my grandkids think of me this way some day, too.
    Hope you are enjoying the time with your grandson.

  6. Nancy, thanks for posting this lovely poem by Erin Kilmer. I believe we get our love of gardening from our grandparents just like we get part of our genes from them. One of my earliest gardening memories is of the day my beloved grandmother taught me how to plant watermelon seeds by putting them in the ground instead of my mouth when I was about 5 years old and marking the row with my name on a stake. That summer I watched it like a hawk and made my first crop…and boy did I get hooked! Best regards, Jon at Mississippi Garden

  7. I love this poem. My mother this past weekend visited and when walking through my garden she says that I must have gotten my love for gardening from my grandmother (her mother), but she did too I believe. :)

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