Sun Seekers

A quick update on the upside-down nasturtiums. As you can see, the two little seedlings have taken hold, but they’re growing UP, for the most part. Perhaps the weight of blooms will let them dangle, but I guess it proves that all plants have an innate need to grow toward the sun, no matter how they’re planted. :)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

11 thoughts on “Sun Seekers”

  1. I have seen these bags around town a lot. Most of them have tomatoes planted in them. Have you ever tried that?

  2. *Lisa — I haven’t tried tomatoes, but I intend to another year. I made this planter from a 2 liter Pepsi bottle and then hotglued fabric on it. Another year, I’ll sew a proper sleeve with elastic ends. :)

  3. Are these the same nasturtiums that were in the Bailey’s bottle? I was trying to figure out how you hung that bottle:) This is such a clever experiment; I’m eager to see how they continue growing.

    By the way, Nancy, you may not remember, but some time ago we discovered we both had white cats named Toby. I posted some photos of our Toby on Friday, if you have any time to stop by.

  4. Nancy, this is wonderful. I love the way you covered the bottle and made it pretty.
    Nancy in Texas

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