Leaves of Green

“I bade men tell me which in brief,
Which is fairer, flower or leaf.”
– ‘Leaves Compared With Flowers’ | Robert Frost

According to Emma at A Nice Green Leaf, color is wonderful in the garden, but green is also pleasing, all by itself. I’d have to agree with her. And so I thought I’d join in (a bit early) and post to her foliage challenge. She urged everyone to display their greens as “…a fun way to address the balance a bit in favour of calm, collected, utterly soothing, surprisingly varied, deliciously shady, photosynthetically-significant, beautiful green.”


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

16 thoughts on “Leaves of Green”

  1. Hi Nancy, I knew your leaf photos wouldn’t disappoint! How fantastic, and what a great quote. This is such a good idea, I never knew how few green leaves are in my garden. Photo worthy ones anyway. But you could probably make a gorgeous photo out of any of them!

  2. Nancy, You’ve done it again…the perfect quote with the delightful photos! I really like the first shot best! There is that wonderful purple!

  3. Gorgeous! And I had never heard of that Robert Frost poem, I must go and look it up now – we should have had it for the theme of the whole thing.

    Best wishes, Emma

  4. Another Robert Frost poem I don’t remember–and I thought I’d read them all:)
    As a novice gardener, I’ve gone for the blooms, but I’m beginning to realize the importance of the green as well to balance the colors. Lovely photos to illustrate the beauty of foliage.

  5. That’s a great quote to present to an experienced gardener (not me). I like the texture of the hairs on the first photo and the pattern of veins on the close-up of the nasturtium leaf.

  6. I think I’m actually more in love with the leaves of plants than the flowers. The intricate veins just make me smile! Nature is so wonderful!

  7. I really can’t get enough green, probably because there is really so little of it in desert landscaping. Most of the green we have is actually more yellow. Since I don’t want a lawn, I have been trying to grow vines to get more green, but so far, all of the varieties I’ve tried have really struggled in the heat, even those recommended for the area.(My last choice is Cat’s Claw–not my favorite but that’s one thing that will grow here for sure.) I love to drive by neighborhood houses with green lawns, lush plants and non-native trees. They always look so cool and inviting. Such landscapes use a tremendous amount of water, and no matter how inviting, I think it’s wasteful in the desert.

  8. I love how simplifying the color to all green frees your mind to notice the details, things like the beautiful veining and architecture of the leaves, as well as the fact that even “green” is a rainbow of subtle colors unto itself. Thanks for sharing the beautiful images!

  9. I agree entirely and have always embraced the living green. Such a lovely collection of your leaves for us to enjoy.

    Happy Canada Day Nancy!

    Alberta Postcards

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