A Daisy Moment

“Brute force crushes many plants. Yet the plants rise again. The Pyramids will not last a moment compared with the daisy.” – D. H. Lawrence


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “A Daisy Moment”

  1. So true, isn’t it? I’ve had several plants that people wanted me to give up on, but as long as it has good roots it’s hard to take down a good plant. Hmm, kind or reminds me a bit about life’s circumstances! Even though I’ve been battered by life events I will bloom again.

  2. A lovely photo of one of my very favorite plants. I recall as a child I loved this plant. They were gorgeous in my garden until just a few weeks ago.

  3. I’m anxiously awaiting for my Shastas to start blooming. The white adds a nice contrast to all the color.

  4. I was wondering how you were doing and stopped by to have a visit. It is so peaceful here. I looked back over a few post and as always, enjoyed them so much.

  5. How true–the works of man cannot compare with the works of nature.

    I haven’t had any luck with daisies, but I am trying one more time this year in a different spot. Looking forward to seeing their bright blooms.

  6. The daisy is the happiest flower in the garden. What a lovely quote you picked to go with the picture.

  7. What is it about the daisy that enchants us all (certainly not the smell). Your lovely photo and ‘Daisy Moment’ is as good as it gets, Nancy.

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