Rocks in My Head

It’s been one of those days when I do feel like I’ve got rocks in my head. :) I thought I’d show a sampling of some of the rocks that I’ve gathered in Scots Bay (bloomingwriter‘s hometown), tumbled, and polished. Don’t you think they’d look pretty in a flower container?

I’m waiting for a new belt for my tumbler right now, but it will soon be time to make another trek to Scots Bay to find more tidal treasures. I have two drums of white quartz almost polished.

The area is rich in agates and it’s not unusual to find pieces of amethyst on the beach, offered up by the relentless winter wind on The Bay of Fundy. I’ve only ever found the piece above, approx. 1.25″ long, along with a few much smaller stones.

I especially like banded rocks — you can never imagine the color and designs that will emerge from the time they leave the beach until they finish the long polishing process.

Another one of Nature’s wonders!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

20 thoughts on “Rocks in My Head”

  1. You’ve done a great job Nancy! My dad used to tumble rocks. Don’t you just love that amethyst! That’s an exciting find.

  2. Rock polishing sounds like fun. My husband used to love it and then he didn’t anymore. I never got into it, but these are beautiful and I’m very tempted to start a new hobby. No, No, No.

  3. They’re beautiful Nancy. It must be really cool to take an ordinary-looking rock and transform it into something so lovely.

    I used to bring home a rock from every place I visited. I don’t recall exactly when or why I stopped doing that.

    My oldest brother collected rocks when we were kids. I wonder if he still does, or if he still has his collection. He had some beautiful rocks.

    Hmmm. . . now I’ve got rocks in my head!

  4. nancy,I have a small collection of banded rocks, they are from all over… I do indeed like yours and they look lovely polished.

  5. Wow, good thing my son isn’t here to see those rocks! He has a rock collection and most of those are not rocks that he has! He was eyeing up some amythest rocks a few days ago.

  6. Those look like real treasures. I bet it takes years of growing up there to be able to spot some of those. I’m sure like you said–they don’t look that good on the beach and certainly not when amongst a bunch of other rocks and debris.

    I love sea glass. I have a small collection that I’ve collected from the beach.

  7. wow, didn’t realize you tumble rocks. I’ve always loved them when they’re all tumbled and glossy. Imagine finding amethyst on the beach.

    We had a killer frost last night — sad morning.


  8. Where do you get this rock polisher! Those are beautiful! I’ve heard of this, but know next to nothing about it. And I’m a rock girl who can’t pass up a pretty rock too.

  9. *Diane – I’m sorry to hear about your frost! I’ll check out your blog today…

    *Brenda – most hobby stores sell rock tumblers and I’m sure if you googled “rock tumblers” or “lapidary” it would come up with a host of online sites that sell them. eBay has them as well — that’s where I get my grit and other polishing supplies. Hope this helps. (My daughter gave mine to me as a birthday gift several years ago.)

  10. I love your rocks. As a kid I had a huge rock collection. To this day I still pick up anything interesting. Never tried polishing them. If I had time I’d like to try. I see so many bracelets and rings made from agate. It would be furn to try jewelry making.

  11. Oh, oh, oh!!!! I love rocks and these are stunning! A tumbler would be great fun! What is it about your Nova Scotians that’s so cool? Lovely terrain, great rocks, friendly folks…I need to make a trip.

  12. Well Nancy, I did not see you as a rock hound. Another interesting side to you. I have a 9 yr. old granddaughter who collects rocks from any and everywhere(much to her mother’s dismay!) and have been thinking of something I could get her to encourage her hobby. She is quite the artist too and the rock tumbler would be just the thing for both her pursuits. Thabks for sharing woth us.

  13. Thanks for Faving my Garden Blog.
    Do you make jewellery from your polished stones? What cherished memories they must hold of places you visit and walks along local beaches.

    Cheers from the other side of Canada

  14. What beautiful stones! I wish I had the patience to tumbler.

    And your flowers are spectacular. I envy your green thumb. I’m the kiss of death for any plant so its best they’re not around me. I don’t know why.

  15. Neat hobby Nancy. I had a makeshift tumbler when I was a kid until my brothers tore it up. It was always fun to see how stones would polish up.

  16. How fun! My aunt had a rock tumbler! We used to collect agates at Bolinas, CA. I have rocks in my garden that are very special to me… interesting shapes, etc. I have been considering using polished glass(beach glass) in my posts on the terrace. The polished rocks would be terrific,too.
    Thanks for such a great post. It brought back memories and inspiration.

  17. Nice to see I am among other rock collectors (I once hauled a square-foot chunk of marble home from the Mediterranean). I had never thought of polishing all those cool rocks I find, I just let the water do it for me, but this is inspiring.

    For you other rock hounds: rocks as ornaments are a tradition in China. They collect them (or at least they did decades ago) and put them in a dish of water to display.

    More excuses for rock collecting!

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