Defining The Garden

I may not have a raised bed, an allotment, or a plot,
But I can grow geraniums in faded, plastic pots.
And I don’t need a shovel, cultivator, or a hoe,
To plant some red petunias in a pot and make them grow.

Does it qualify as gardening when your ‘acreage’ is so small?
The joy’s the same, and better this than growing none at all.

– Nancy Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “Defining The Garden”

  1. It’s gardening. I think gardening is a mindset – some people may have plants on a larger scale, but don’t have the same motivation as a person with one pot … :-)

  2. It’s definitely gardening even if only in pots. I did that for two years and I’m certain that’s what sustained me.

  3. If your are growing and tending plants , its gardening alright! They look so summery too, love that red petunia against the trailing lobelia, it is really eye catching.


  4. Yes, you can! Have you got a water feature out there so you can hear the trickling of water? Any space is big enough for a little garden plot with some ingenuity! And I know you’ve got lots of that!

  5. Yes, it counts. Gardening is gardening anywhere. My friend has the loveliest poppy growing out of a crack where her driveway meets the house. We look forward to seeing it survive year to year.

    I also have geraniums growing in faded plastic pots!!

  6. Nancy, sometimes the smallest of efforts pays off with the biggest of returns. The pots I planted with herbs and flowers and left behind in Illinois for my husband to enjoy are brimming over with blossoms and edibles, and he has been adding the healthy herbs to the meals he prepares. He always used to leave the cooking (and most of the gardening) up to me, but I think he is learning to enjoy the satisfaction of growing, harvesting, and eating his own food, even if it’s just herbs planted in a pot.

  7. Great poem and so true! Big is not necessarily better, and enjoying your containers is no different than enjoying plants in a plot of ground. I call myself a gardener not because I have that much knowledge about plants nor because I have sweeping vistas of flowers (I have neither!), but because I enjoy the beauty of flowers.

  8. Of course it counts. Red and purple are one of my favorite color combinations. You have unfortunately just inspired another quilt.


  9. Nancy, enjoyed your writing. And yes, a gardener is define by sheer love of plants no matter the size of the plot. I really like your new template.

  10. Your patio containers are every bit as much a garden as a yard full of flowers.
    I love geraniums in anything, faded plastic pots included!
    The pinkish purple lobelia is lovely in that pretty pot with the petunia. I love the blue lobelia too. Do you have success keeping it going throughout the summer? It’s a tricky plant.

  11. She’s a poet in a pot! Gardener’s are the keepers of all things growing, it doesn’t matter how large or small.

    Thanks for your visit and kind words. I appreciate it.

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