Another Spring Blossom

Twenty-five years ago this morning, Erin Elizabeth Grace came into our lives, and I believe she had that impish grin even then. Mischievous, but always too adorable to be angry with…

Always an excellent athlete, she also excelled academically…

Went to Prom in a $350 dress and favorite sneakers (that’s so Erin!)…

She set off for Ireland by herself at 19, came home two years later, fell in love, and handled an unexpected pregnancy with maturity and grace, and gave our family the miracle which is my grandson, Nolan Robert…

She supports her family with a full time job…attends University part time, working toward an Anthropology degree…keeps a loving home for her little family…and is a wonderfully nurturing mother. She’s my baby girl and a petite Wonder Woman, rolled into one, and I’m very proud of her.

Happy 25th Birthday, my sweet girl.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

15 thoughts on “Another Spring Blossom”

  1. My first thought was—my son would kill me if I tried to be a match maker!! I have a single son who would make the perfect husband/father! But he hates me to match make!!! Your daughter is beautiful and so is your grandbaby. She is brave and responsible. I can hear the pride in your voice. Congrats grandma!!!

  2. You hvae a lovely family. I know how special that grandson is to you; I just spent the afternoon with mine. He is the joy of my life.
    P.S. Happy Birthda, Erin.

  3. You sound like such a very proud mom Nancy, and sounds like you have every reason to be.It’s fun to look back and see how our children have developed into such wonderful adults. My oldest is the same age. Happy Birthday to Erin!

  4. Nancy, your daughter is so beautiful. I think her character just shines through in that amazing smile. You are so blessed to have her and that darling grandson. Congratulations to her and to you too for being a fantastic Mom.

  5. What a lovely tribute to your lovely girl Nancy.

    I have an Erin myself, my youngest, who turned 26 earlier this month, also the mother of my only grandchild, also a little boy. Cool coincidences!

  6. A lovely birthday tribute to your daughter! I can see why you are so proud of her. Working, going to school, and raising a family–my hat is off to her!

  7. Nancy, such lovely photos and words making up this very sweet tribute to your petite and pretty Wonder Woman.
    That last photo with baby Nolan is truly precious.
    Happy birthday to Erin!

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