“You cannot forget if you would those golden kisses
all over the cheeks of the meadow, queerly called dandelions.”
– Henry Ward Beecher

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Dandelions”

  1. I’ve always liked dandelions, too. Fortunately, our yard is much too large to bother with spraying for dandelions, so we have plenty. Besides, I’d hate to take away the chance for my grandkids to make a “bouquet” for me or their mommies.

  2. Nancy, they are pretty and the bees love them using them as some of the first flowers out to get much needed spring energy.

  3. Nancy, What Beckie said! Maybe we have been so affected by what the lawn industry has pushed on us for years;-)


  4. I love what’s just above this comment box, Nancy. Very nice touch. If those yellow flowers appeared here I’d assume they were mustard. I don’t think there is anywhere in CA where you would see that scene. Very pretty.

  5. Nancy, your lack of commentary spoke reams about the simple beauty of that hated “weed”, lol. That picture is simply breathtakingly beautiful. Well done!

  6. this is what the property at the house we’re trying to sell looks like…a bright golden carpet that makes me sneeze as I smile! My new neighbors in the city are a little annoyed that I don’t spray weed killer on my lawn. I just laugh and tell them, sorry, but we eat those babies.

  7. See? The weeds growing in the proper place. They’re beautiful, aren’t they. It looks like a beautiful field of flowers from here!

  8. I came over from earth wind and water.
    I like your blog and photos.

    We have posted:
    Alaska’s Haul Road – The Dalton Highway.
    A 414 mile gravel road,
    to the Arctic Ocean

    Come join us for the trip,
    Troy and Martha

  9. I think with all the great uses for dandelions, it should get off of the “weed” list. You can make tea from the roots, salads from the greens and wine from the petals. All that and they’re nice looking too.

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