Meet the Flockers

Even though the iron rails of the balcony make these little fellows look like jailbirds, I couldn’t resist snapping a quick photo. Twins? Or are they just eying the same girlfriend? Either way, their poses were almost identical, right down to the tilt of their heads.

Despite the chilled, drizzly weather, Nature is working her magic on an ornamental crabapple tree that finally displays signs of rejuvenation. These look more like leaf buds than blossoms — this tree doesn’t bloom every year, and was at its showy best in 2007.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

24 thoughts on “Meet the Flockers”

  1. What a phenomenal shot you got of the bird! You are so good at this! I can’t catch them fast enough. And I only have a few windows in this house. I guess if I’d get around to taking down the filthy, extremely heavy storm windows and cleaning them, maybe I’d do better!

  2. nancy .. I can’t let my husband see this .. he has been patiently waiting for 2 weeks now .. feeder filled .. eyes watching .. we saw them buzz by and nibble .. we hear them .. but they aren’t staying too long as of yet. To know they are settled in down your way .. well .. he wouldn’t be as happy for you as I am ? LOL
    “feeder and bird bath up and they will come” ? LOL

  3. All the goldfinches have left us down here in the south but we sure did enjoy them all winter — right up until the last couple of weeks. I was refilling the thistle feeder every 3 days there were so many of them. They are beautiful & with dozens of them singing their sweet song at the same time they make quite a chorus.

    Enjoy them!
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  4. Arent they beautiful, much a bolder colour than our Goldfinches, but very similar in some ways too. Wonderful pictures; thanks for sharing!

  5. Nancy, my you were quick to get that pic!. Even with camera close at hand(always), I can’t seem to get a good bird shot. Hope your weekend is sunny and warm.

  6. That one shot looks almost like a mirror image. Don’t you just love the sounds gold finches make?

  7. What a clever photo of the finches behind bars, captured by your camera and quick thinking! You know, your crabapple’s blooming habit reminds me of the pear trees we had on a property we used to own. They would bloom and bear wonderfully one year and then take a rest the next year. The first time they rested (the second year we lived there), I thought something was wrong. My wise dad assured me they would bear again the next year and just needed the time off to put more energy into growth. I think they were an old-time variety, not bred to be as relentlessly prolific as some of the newer ones, but they sure were hardy and produced the tastiest fruit when they were ready to bear again.

  8. I just love the jailbird theme. They certainly are beautiful, I haven’t had time yet this year to sit and photograph some of the birds around here.

  9. OMG….I just spewed my water! A masterful title for a magnificently funny post! xo – Debi

  10. Beautiful photos Nancy! I love the jailbird shot as well:). Hope you had an opportunity to get out and enjoy that wonderful weather today!

  11. What a beautiful blog…I just quickly snapped a picture of goldfinches at my feeder today, they flew away and I haven’t seen them since. I hope they return tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by to visit Weeds and Seed Swap. Claudia

  12. Outstanding photos! My favorites are the rainbow and the one of your daughter…hard to imagine a more peaceful, endearing photo…

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