April’s Last Dewy Morn

Old April wanes, and her last dewy morn
Her death-bed steeps in tears; to hail the May
New blooming blossoms ‘neath the sun are born,
And all poor April’s charms are swept away.
John Clare

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “April’s Last Dewy Morn”

  1. April’s waning is bittersweet. Greener, lusher months are ahead, but which will rival the excitement of those first tender green shoots to emerge from the earth… those first bright blossoms. Gorgeous image; lovely quote, Nancy.

  2. Welcome to May…a favorite month of mine. It sometimes still feels like March here, due to the cold late spring.
    Your blossoms are lovely!

  3. You do have a way with quotes, Nancy. Always just the right one. I for one won’t forget this April’s charms. It was a glorious month here.

  4. Cold start to May here in the UK, but those blossoms and the poem are lovely and give us hope of warmer days.

  5. Gorgeous :) I have to say I’m ready for April to go this year–the weather has been so fickle for us in southern Italy. I’m hoping May can pick things up!

  6. April’s been magic in the garden this year, and now I’m looking forward to seeing what surprises May brings.

  7. Gorgeous! I am planning to get Thunderchild crab this year, I think. Oh, and if you’re interested, Rob Baldwin’s free tree giveaway is this Saturday, nine to five at the nursery. I think it’s one gallon japanese larches, blue spruces, I forget what else he told me. I’ll ask my hubby tomorrow (he’s working for Rob for a few weeks).

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