Wheel of Fortune

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,
our whole life would change.” – Buddha

* * *

(For Melissa M — same wheel, different day…
these girls are now 29 and almost-25! The younger
is my grandson’s Mommy.)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

20 thoughts on “Wheel of Fortune”

  1. *Gail — this photo was taken behind the barn on my [ex]in-laws’ family farm. There were a lot of very photogenic farming implements left there when my [ex]FIL finally stopped working the farm. I’ve always liked it and it actually brings back very good memories. :)

  2. *Melissa — I used this wheel to do portraits of my girls when they were very small and the lighting is great in the shadow of the huge barn. :) If I can find a scan of that photo, I’ll post it some time.

  3. That was a great photo on top. And down below as well! That one on top was unique, I have to say. And well thought out.

  4. Nancy, I thought the little girl in the photo was your grandson! There is certainly a resemblance to the photo of him you have in your sidebar. I love looking at old photos, especially when our children were young.

  5. I love this post and the quote from Buddha. It reminds me very much of a quote from the recent HBO series on John Adams – a friend sent it to me. He was walking through the fields with his son and saw a wildflower. He told his son “Your mother said I never delighted enough in the mundane, but now I find that if I look at even the smallest thing, my imagination begins to roam the Milky Way”. Anyway, just shows the power of a flower.

  6. Stunning shot, Nancy. What lovely children they were, I’m sure they are still lovely now! The first photo is wonderful.

  7. This is a beautiful post.It is very moving when you think about the passage of time. The seasons certainly do that. I was just thinking that it was only April, and there was still Summer to look forward to!

  8. Nancy, it’s obvious to see you’ve had your love of photography and your awesome talent for quite some time. You must be very rich with wonderful photos like these.

  9. Nancy, I have a ‘cousin’ wagon wheel leaning against the back of my house. So enjoyed your nostaglia, dear children, and love for photography … (you can see a hint of my wagon wheel in my last post).

  10. Nancy, I too thought that was a contemporary photo with the younger child being your grandson. It’s amazing how much he looks like his mommy!

  11. How true that quote is. Thanks for posting it as a reminder to us all to find the miracles in everyday life. Love the two photos. Both show the special miracles of life – children and flowers!

  12. Beautiful photo of the wheel saturated with color. Amazing how time flies isn’t it? It seems I still think of myself as the same age as when I was in college but it’s a shock when our adult daughter comes for a visit.

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