Weekend Snapshot: Spring Has Sprung

We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon, raking leaves and picking up winter windfall at my aunt and uncle’s house. There were springy thingies to be seen everywhere you looked on this sunny, warmish day.

A sloped part of the yard was dotted with clumps of daffodils and tulips, just another sunny day from bloom.

I believe this is one of several clumps of red poppies that wintered well under a thick blanket of leaves.

This oddly shaped pine is one of my favorite parts of this particular bed. Whether it was supposed to grow this way, or was trained to do so, it makes a lovely, shady retreat and I would tuck a small bench under its green canopy. At its base, a bright green “something” had poked its way through the soil (insert). At first I thought it was a tulip, but I don’t believe it is. Any ideas?

These lilies (irises?) were well established. One clump was growing at the very edge of the asphalt driveway, so I dug it up and divided it into two smaller clumps, relocating them to the slope with the daffs and tulips. There were several more in the bed — I’m not sure what color or variety, but will take pics when they bloom.

We spent about four hours raking, shoveling, hauling, and composting and I came home with sun-brightened cheeks and a couple of blisters, but feeling immensely happy for having had the day in the garden.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshot: Spring Has Sprung”

  1. And you will be sore in all the good ways! I’m over the sore part now and can eat a good meal and not feel guilty cause I know I’ve burned the calories. Isn’t gardening time grand?

    I love the tree. The older I get the better being crooked looks. We put up the swing on the new front porch and even though it was cold and raining, I sat out there till my nose froze.

    I know you said you got rosey cheeks well I got a farmer’s tan. It’s not too attractive with my nighties. I look like I’m still wearing my gardening clothes even though I got my jammies on–lol. Maybe I need to wear my nighties to work–NOT!

  2. I agree with Alberta. Iris. So glad you got a day to work in the garden. The time spent there can do wonders for a person’s mental health.(but maybe not for the physical body :))

  3. This is such a great time of year as plants (and animals) arise from their winter rest, and the Sun comes out again to greet them.

  4. I look forward to your post when this mystery plant blooms. it certainly looks like iris, but if so what color?

  5. Hooray for a day in the garden! Sounds like you got a lot of great work done. Isn’t it satisfying to divide a clump of plants and get more of them?

    Bet you slept well Sunday night!

  6. Nancy & anyone else if you get a chance… please help us figure out what this plant is over at DoubleDanger.com.

    We have no clue, and the more eyes the better if you ask me.

    Love the blog btw.

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