Bloom Where You Are Planted

It never ceases to amaze me when winter’s stray bird seed takes hold and starts to sprout in the flowerpots full of last year’s soil. I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere — they are such tenacious little seedlings, not fussy about soil, temperature or light. They still manage to break free of their shells and thrive where the Universe scatters them.

In the past, I have taken a few of the dozens of seedlings and let them have their way in a pot of their own. They do take up a fair bit of space, however, and are earwig magnets. So I believe I’ll take some seedlings and last year’s soil and plant them in a field somewhere. The birds, at least, will love them.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

15 thoughts on “Bloom Where You Are Planted”

  1. We had five or six surprise sunflowers last year that were “planted” by birds and the squirrel. They were very much appreciated :)

  2. It is amazing Nancy when they hang in like that. I am always surprised at what I find .. a little gift from the “nature club” ? LOL

  3. I think it is so neat when plants reseed themselves. I let them grow too. They fought for their right to thrive. I think it’s great that you plan on transplanting them into an environment they will enjoy growing in.

  4. Nancy, your photos are so lovely you have me wanting to run out and plant sunflowers. Thanks for the tips on photographing the Epemedium. Tomorrow is supposed to be very overcast so I will give it a try.

  5. Last year the feeders hung over the garden in front of our porch and I spent many hours pulling a myriad millet and sunflower seedlings. I left just a couple of sunflowers there to grow and bloom and they were much enjoyed.
    This winter I moved the feeders out further hoping to avoid a repeat performance!
    Your seedlings are adorable :) I enjoy volunteers…if there are only a few!

  6. I have a very difficult time editing out plants that reseed, I want everything to be able to just grow! Your plan to move the seedlings to a better neighborhood is a good one!


  7. I have a soft spot for volunteer plants. The sunflowers are my favorite and I try to let them grow where they may. I love your pictures!

  8. I use to have a sign that hung in my kitchen that said bloom where you are planted when we were in the Air Force. I knew one day I would have a garden. That seems like so long ago.

    I too hate to disturb any seedlings.

  9. uh oh, I just plucked a whole bunch of sunflower seedlings out of my front bed (much like Kerri said she did) thinking I didn’t want them there. Maybe I should leave a few? You always make me think!

  10. We had a bunch of volunteer sunflowers last year that B transplanted to the back of the vegetable garden. We had huge flowers by the end of the summer. I love your idea of pulling a “Miss Wilmott” with them!

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