Weekend Snapshot: Sunday Drive

Sunday was a perfect day for a drive, so we decided to visit my parents, a pleasant 45-minute drive away. The route we always take includes a 20 km secondary road through an uninhabited, wooded stretch. The trip never fails to delight, and today was no exception as we kept our eyes and ears open for signs of spring.

These first three photos were taken in an area called Three Mile Brook. Lest anyone should doubt that Nature is finally coming to life, the brook was calm as glass in places and bubbled with spring runoff like a witch’s cauldron in others. We spotted several salamanders, frog eggs, and even some ugly black leeches in this water. I’m not sure if this anonymous angler caught anything, but he was certainly oblivious to us.

Pussywillows and catkins were abundant all along the roadsides. It was difficult to get a really good shot of them without wading through ditches of water, but you get the idea. I was so happy to see these downy fellows!

At my parents’, crocuses were just coming into bloom, with many more sprouts still reaching toward the sun. These are Mom’s crocuses, by the way — though Dad is the avid gardener and Mom never showed much interest in anything but a few hanging baskets — the crocuses are hers!

After a visit and a delicious lasagna supper, we left, stopping at the wharf to catch a moment of day’s end.

As we retraced our route home through the woods road, I caught one last fiery glimpse of the sun just as the spring peepers began their moonlit sonata.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

21 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshot: Sunday Drive”

  1. Hi Nancy, what a fantastic sunset shot with the outline of trees, wonderful. Glad you had a good day at your parent’s and glad to see crocus planted by the non gardener doing so well.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  2. nancy … what a nice drive you must have had .. I miss seeing some pussy willows ..and those pictures of the sunset .. absolutely wonderful .. makes me want to be by the sea again badly !

  3. A delightful post and lovely photos, Nancy. Seems like we both had a similar wonderful weekend away, ending with a glorious sunset. While your spring peepers sang their moonlit sonata, my beloved loons (who faithfully returned to the thawed lake) were yodeling.

  4. These are the parents who own the property right next to your old home? Must be hard going to visit because I know for me it would be hard not to drive my old house. Glad spring is coming to life in Canada.

  5. Thanks for taking us on that lovely drive with you! The crocuses are so perky. And the sunset shots are so peaceful. Happy Earth Day.

  6. Thank you, each and every one, for your very kind words. It was a great day and felt so good to be out and about again. :)

  7. I’ve never seen pussywilow in the wild before. We bought cut and budding branches during the Chinese New year but they cannot last long after that. They are a traditional symbol of Spring in our season-less tropical climate

  8. Wonderful photos Nancy, especially the last 2 of the sunset, and I love the bubbles too. Aren’t crocuses the cheeriest flowers? I guess you mom must think so :)
    Glad you had such a lovely day.

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