Post Script

For those who asked about my cat, Toby, he’s a Turkish Angora and has lovely, copper eyes. We adopted him from a farm that had a sign at the end of their driveway and kittens in a box to be given away. He came full of ear mites and dusty from life in the barn, but after a trip to the vet and some TLC, he grew into a handsome fellow. He has a very sweet and loving personality (contrary to that photo below) but, like most cats of his breed, he doesn’t like to be held and is definitely not a lap cat, though he is very sociable. He’s playful and has a long, single coat which means he’s easy to groom (never gets a knot); he’ll be six years old in May. Here a few more pics that show him in a better light. :)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

11 thoughts on “Post Script”

  1. I can’t believe how much he looks like Miracle. Maybe she’s the same breed. Her eyes aren’t that gorgeous color though. They’re more pale green.

  2. Nancy, years ago we had a kitty named Rascal that looked much like yours. He retained his grey spot on the top of his head when he was fully-grown. Unfortunately he was born with feline leukemia, although we didn’t know it until he went to the vet to be neutered. He was a beautiful, sweet cat, and we were so sad to lose him. I’m glad Toby is healthy!

  3. Oh, he’s adorable…yes, I know that I never saw a cat I didn’t adore, but wow, he’s just such a beaut! I can tell he’s got as much purrsonality as Mungus, especially since you mentioned he’s a tad mischievous.

  4. Toby is a good looking boy, Nancy. I wish we could have a cat. Thanks for letting me enjoy him virtually at least…!

  5. It looks like the darker fur on his head went away as he got older–or am I just not seeing it?
    ~ Monica

  6. Thank you all for the lovely remarks about Puss. I’ll be sure to pass them along to him. :)

    *Monica — Turkish Angoras are born with the grey smudges between the ears, or at least that’s what my research has revealed. By the time he was a year old, they disappeared, and there’s no trace now.

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