The Grass is Always Greener

…especially when it’s a nice, fresh pot of cat grass. Anyone care to add a caption? My big boy, Toby, quite likes the grass, but the expression is rather devilish.

It was a positively beautiful day today, sunny and mostly warm. I noticed some errant tulips beside the walkway, pushing their way toward the sun this morning. And the lawn is starting to show bits of green where it is nestled against the brick walls. Lovely indeed.

We did a bit of window shopping today and saw lots of plants I drooled over, though most of the stores’ gardening sections are still being stocked. I re-potted a cactus and a miniature rose bush today into bright, ceramic pots. Even that felt mighty good!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “The Grass is Always Greener”

  1. Nancy (Joy) .. Toby is beautiful ! white cats are amazing creatures .. ghost like ? LOL .. what is his personality like ? .. how old is he ? .. I’m busting full of questions ? haha
    YES ! our weather has been amazing and we have been at it in the garden .. I’m so hoping for rain soon .. already my sun bed is getting too dry .. we can never have it just right eh ?

  2. Toby does look a bit naughty. But he’s also a real beauty. Haven’t seen him here before! If you had him on, I managed to miss it. I’d love to see his eyes better. Are they gold? He reminds me of my Clyde, who murdered the bird yesterday, and for which I’m still not speaking to him.

  3. Toby looks as though he’s giving a warning to someone/something else: “Back off, Buddy, this is my pot of grass!”
    Not a very clever caption, but I was amused by your cat’s name–we also have a Toby who is white. Our Toby, though, must be part Siamese because he has beautiful blue eyes.

  4. That is quite a look! My cats would love to grab a snack from that pot. Caption? How about “keep your eyes on the prize”?

  5. I love the captions you’ve suggested for the expression! He looks like he’s prepared to make a sneak attack on the grass. :) As always, thanks so much for taking the time to comment…for those who asked about my kitty, I posted a bit of info in today’s post.

  6. I grow cat grass in a long windowbox type container indoors over the winter. Fiona gets so eager for spring that by March, instead of nibbling at the grass, she lays in it!
    ~ Monica
    P.S. Toby’s one lovely looking cat.

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