Hangin’ With My Peeps

Yessiree, Spring has officially arrived. The little spring peepers are peeping their hearts out for the first time this evening! I can’t think of a more welcome sound!

(photo Wiki)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

18 thoughts on “Hangin’ With My Peeps”

  1. Whoooooo hooooo! We don’t have peepers yet, Nancy, but the glunkers started tonight, and I just want to sit outside in the dark and listen to the banjo pickin’. We’re gonna make it….

  2. we used to live in northern NY, the peepers were so comforting at night, that sound, cool spring air, lilacs bursting open!!! Ahhhh.
    are they early?

  3. It is great to have one more sign that spring has finally arrived. For someone so far north, this winter must have seemed extra long this year.

    Jan Always Growing

  4. An old, old saying is that if you hear the peepers three nights in a row, there will be no more frost. Keep listening and see what you think.

  5. Funny you should post about sounds that bring on the seasons. Our new house has all kinds of new and fun animal sounds. We have an owl somewhere close by. I love the summer cicadas too. I use to go to sleep by their endless vibrations. It’s all music to my ears.

  6. I miss the peepers so much .. I think I have to buy a CD of them to rest my soul for a while !
    Enjoy them every second nancy (for me too .. haha )

  7. Our peepers are peeping, too. They sleep in the mud, right? I looked that up last year, but can’t remember.

    Nancy, did you know that when you comment on my blog, if I click back, I get your WP blog. Do you want me to comment there, or is my WP blog just picking it up?

  8. * Sandy/Gardenpath — I believe I was still logged in to my WP account, and then when I left a comment at your blog, it left it from my WP account. I logged out, so hopefully, that will clear that up.

    Thank you one and all for your lovely comments, and for taking the time to leave them. The peepers are a gazillion voices strong tonight after another sunny, warmish day. :)

  9. It always amazes me what powerful voices such eeny beeny frogs have. American toads have been serenading me (well, OK, females of their own species!) in the little vernal pond int he woods behind my home.
    ~ Monica

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