Sun Kissed

This is the last photo of my three little parrots…promise! Hey, it’s the only thing blooming in my “garden” at the moment, and I’d say they’re at their best today. They have an unexpectedly sweet fragrance.

I was struck by the different shades of green — light and shadow — that came to light in the sun, as well.

I’m still working on the follow up post to “Show Me Your Garden” and will have it completed later today. Your responses were so varied and interesting that it’s making me think very hard about my own garden…or lack of it.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

20 thoughts on “Sun Kissed”

  1. Nancy – your tulip photos are amazing, as are your tulips, of course. I loved the way the light played with them and how you captured it. Having lived in the Netherlands for 4 years as a child, it is the one thing I absolutely miss in my Texas garden. We really can’t grow tulips here. I know some have had luck with a few specimens, so I will try them next year. I miss them – thanks for sharing yours.

  2. I ADORE that photo of the tulip greens – gorgeous. It’s great that you already have blooms — well anything at all above ground. My rhubarb (in the front) has no more snow on it and it’s so hardy that there are already some nubs of flesh showing! Soon our snow will be completely melted and the frost should then begin to thaw. We’re only weeks away from life beginning to show itself here too! Thanks for these lovely, perky photos Nancy.


  3. Never too many pictures of tulips – I enjoy the play of light and shade in your first photo.

  4. Nancy, don’t apologize for your “garden” or lack of it. Your photos show true appreciation for the beauty of nature and plants, which is all that matters. Right now, my “garden” consists of a small bed of pansies I planted in front of our apartment in Illinois and the local park we walk in as often as possible.

  5. Keep them coming Nancy! It was wonderful to watch them open a little more every day, speaking for one who has no blooms yet in the garden.I also think parrot tulips are very interesting.

  6. I’ve always loved tulips — one of my first plantings as an adult with a first house was a small bed of red tulips next to a white picket fence gate. We grow tulips here as annuals, since they don’t get enough cold over winter to reliably form flower buds; this was a good spring for tulips though — cool weather encouraged them to last for longer than usual.

    Your pictures are lovely — the parrot tulips have such a remarkable shape and petal structure.

    Look forward to reading your thoughts about gardens and their gardeners!


  7. love the tulips! They are very lovely. I missed the “show me your garden” post. I”m going to have to check back

  8. ah yes…now I remember show me your garden. I think that I even responded. I should stop playing on the web after bedtime. I can’t remember anything!

  9. I love looking at other people’s tulips. the squirrels always get mine. the first photo is amazing. I see a face in the foliage, staring thoughtfully into the distance…perhaps thinking about what a garden says about the person who tends to it.

    i think my garden reflects my desire to see beauty in the world. I see that in the awe-inspiring purple coneflowers, the vivacious veronica, the dazzling delphinium, and the grand globe thistle.

    the garden is also about personal evolution. every plant reflects a desire to learn more, to grow as a gardener, and to find a place of peace.

    too corny? I hope not. I look forward to your thoughts on your garden.


  10. They are amazing. I’ve never grown them but will be looking for them in the fall. Seems like you don’t see many pics of them so good they you have some.

  11. Keep them coming, with the quality photos like yours, more is never enough. Can’t wait to see what you do with outdoor flower/leaf shots!

    Frances at Faire Garden

  12. At first I thought the first picture was Lily of the Valley. Nice pics and hey, if parrot tulips are the only thing blooming-go for it!

  13. I don’t think anyone would ever complain about seeing more of your lovely tulip photos. Oh, to take photographs like that!

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