Mutant Ninja Tulips

I’m preparing a post based on the comments I got to my “Show Me Your Garden” posts — I thought the results were interesting and thought-provoking, and I will share how my garden reflects what I am…or what I am not.

In the meantime, I thought I’d post a couple more shots of the mutant tulips. :) They are very pretty and are looking a bit more like tulips as they unfurl, but they’re still a bit strange. It’s been entertaining, at least. These are potted, by the way…well worth their $2.99 price tag.


Thanks to Zoe, I do believe these are parrot tulips. I suppose I should apologize to them for calling them mutant. :-)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

20 thoughts on “Mutant Ninja Tulips”

  1. Nancy, The tulips are beautiful. How interesting to watch them come out. As to what kind of garden….Mine reflects me very well. There are places that are very neat and orderly with pants and flowers just where they should be in colors I really like. Then there are those spots and actually whole beds where the plants were put in hapazardly with little thought how they would grow in the area or how they would look with each other. I am ike that in life. A perfectionist in some areas of my life, and a ‘oh well, what ever’ in other areas. So yes, my garden does reflect my personality very well!

  2. *Zoe — thank you! I knew about parrot tulips, but thought they were more “feathery” around the petals. But after googling some images, you are quite right. I believe that’s what they are.

  3. Yup. Definitely parrots. I adore them–they, the species tulips and the viridifloras (the green ones) make me perfectly happy. Even though I won’t see them til late May or early June unless I go buy potted or cut ones. Snif.

  4. Beautiful parrots – but they probably were “mutants” some time in their journey – unexpectedly becoming beautiful in their current disposition:)

  5. nancy .. they are your tulips and you can call them what ever your heart desires girl ! They are beautiful .. nothing like a red red tulip !

  6. Spectacular tulips. I always wanted to try some of the parrots but we got one in a mixed bag of tulips and the flower was small and the green part was very large and prominent so thinking this was representative of the species I’ve resisted trying them. I guess I should try one of the named varieties since they look so exotic. The one in the mixed bag was probably a bunch of seconds or maybe even thirds. ;)

  7. Nancy, Your clever title caught my eye, but the stunning photos drew me into this post. I have seen parrot tulips pictured in catalogues before, but none of them captured their beauty as you have.
    May I add a comment to your garden reflections post? (I’m behind in reading blogs.) I had to think about this, but my garden, such as it is, probably reflects me much more than anything in my house does. I haven’t gardened for very long, so it is a work in progress, just as I am. I have my old “faithful” plants I wouldn’t part with, just as I am a dependable, faithful person. But I’m always looking for new ideas and interests, so every year there are new plants. I get stressed out very easily, so I prefer pastel flowers that soothe me, rather than something too dramatic. And try as I might, I am totally disorganized, so my garden is a collection of many different plants rather than “drifts” of a few, as the magazines recommend.

  8. Joy is so funny, I like the mutant ninja name, but that might be hard to find in the catalog for someone trying to get the same ones. They are turning out beautifully and your photos of them are otherworldly.

  9. I love your mutants. I find them especially beautiful when they are faded! Please take a photo with your artistic talent and add to the post when they are faded.

  10. Fantastic pictures! Those tulips are so pretty. I love the colors. I am trying to grow my first pink tulips, but the seem to be slow growing in comparison to some other bulbs I started at the same time.

  11. I love the little edge of green on these – it somehow makes the red more vibrant. The photo of the inside is lovely and full of light.

  12. Nancy, your parrot tulips weirdness made them more interesting, don’t you think?
    They’re lovely, and apparently very photogenic :)
    Happy Bloom Day!
    We have sunshine and 70º (21º) today. Hope you have warmth too!
    I’m off to the garden.

  13. If I could only have one flower forever I would be torn between a pristine white rose and your Mutant parrot tulip. Gorgeous, the second photo, Nancy, the way the lighting is. The tulip festival should be still going in WA. I wish I could have flown up for it.

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