A Splash of Red, Yellow, and Blue

Mutant tulips! Run for your lives!

These tulips, which just yesterday showed such neatly tucked buds that barely hinted of red, have morphed into these mutant-looking blooms. Perhaps, as they continue to unfurl, they’ll show a pretty, frilled petal. It’s a splash of spring color, at least.

More yellow was splashed on the ornamental crabapple tree this morning — dozens of gold finches, their spring plumage quite obvious now, clung to the branches like tiny lemon drops.

And as beautiful as this blue sky is, I’m not sure I completely trust it — there’s a bit of threatening looking grey in the mix. The maple tree branches are heavy with buds, almost ready to bloom if given the encouragement of the sun.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

15 thoughts on “A Splash of Red, Yellow, and Blue”

  1. Those are some CRAZY tulips! They look like they’ll be beautiful. And like kissing cousins of the primitive daffodils described on Musings of a Kentucky Gardener. Lots of petals = COOL.

    How do you get such great photographs of the birds? Lovely.

  2. *Katarina — it’s lovely to have your visit. And yes, it’s so much fun watching any bud open, even the mutant ones. ;)

    *J — Aren’t they crazy? They’re pretty, just the same, but I really do think they’re mutated. As for the bird photos, those were taken through my (winter spotted) windows; it’s more a matter of being persistent, I think. My camera has a telephoto feature which does help. I’m glad you enjoy them. :)

    *Dave — thanks for stopping by. The tulips are of the supermarket variety and came with a little tag in their pot that only says “Red Tulips”. When they die off, I’ll rescue the bulbs to plant this fall and see what comes up next spring. I’ll post another pic when they’re fully open.

  3. Gold finches are some of my favorite birds. Their bright colors are so attractive! What do you do to attract so many? I’ve usually only seen 1 or 2 at a time.

  4. I love your colorful ‘Mutant’ tulips, Nancy! Though quite brisk, I had a lovely morning with beautiful blue skies also.

  5. The goldfinches are almost all gone from our feeders, and I see they have shown up at your garden. They are one of my favorite birds. They are here all winter, and just after they turn yellow, they depart.

    Jan Always Growing

  6. The tulips are interesting. They do look like they’ll become the frilly kind. I have an ivy geranium with red flowers that has suddenly put out odd looking striped white and pink ones. Just weird!

  7. Those are fun tulips to have and they add a bit of much needed colour to your garden. How nice to have so many goldfinches come and visit you!

  8. Those are nice tulips, and they photograph really well.
    The goldfinches are sweet. I haven’t seen that many yet. That tree looks like it is covered with yellow christmas balls.

  9. Hi Nancy, your Maple trees are just a step behind mine here. We’ve got red fluff falling all over the lawn right now. Temperatures are supposed to warm up late in the week so I’m guessing it will warm up by you over the weekend.

    Crazy tulips!

  10. I love the Goldfinches, described as Lemon drops.Like a bag of sweets!
    Your Tulips are quite striking too Nancy!

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