Show Me Your Garden…

“Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are.” – Alfred Austin

Something to ponder: does your garden style and content reflect who you are? If so, do you think it is an intentional thing? Or do you strive to make your garden what you are not? :)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

7 thoughts on “Show Me Your Garden…”

  1. My garden style is cottagy and whimsical and cluttered. Exactly who I am. My house ties in with the outside in colors and collections and so on. I am a collector and this fits. Was it intentional? No. Excellent question for gardeners to ponder. I wish I could say it was. I often think about gardens and the gardeners and I think the gardens should ALWAYS reflect the gardener, and not all gardens will appeal to all gardeners. Nor should they. But you learn from every garden and I jump at every opportunity to see gardens.

    In my case, if money were no issue I would have some different hardscaping elements, but again, cheap and thrifty is also me so it all fits. Looking forward to seeing how others feel about this question.

  2. Beautiful picture and interesting questions. I consider my garden a work in progress, as I am a work in progress, too. I plant what pleases me, but I want my garden to be more, just like I want to be more as a person, too.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. It is a brilliant question. My garden must reflect me, as everything in it I have planted-but I hadn’t really thought about it being a reflection of my personality before. Perhaps others can deduce more about me from looking at it than I can.

  4. Parts of it feel like a canvas upon which I can paint, and parts more like a sketch book in which I work out small riddles, problems and scratch and doodle.

    All of that is an expression of who I am, who I am working on becoming…

  5. I love the question as I often reflect on how people choose plants, and what pleases them. The garden in your picture is lovely, and I’m sure I’d have much in common with the gardener, but I’m a much more informal gardener.

    My garden definitely reflects who we (my husband and myself)) are. I continue to be inspired by the natural world and recreating a reflection of it in our garden. It gives me a sense of pleasure to come home, and be surrounded by a landscape that we created, one that feel right, and gives a sense of ‘home.’

    For us, that means reflecting the regional plants that we love, and the plants that come from other places of the world and have either meaning or an ecological role to play. And plants, wildlife, and the feeling of creative interplay that our garden gives us is a tremendous gift.

  6. An excellent question! I would say that I am constantly trying to better myself as well as my garden, we are both eccelctic, and we attempt to be organized but it usually kinds of turns to mass chaos. So… yes, I guess it does reflect a part of who I am.

  7. You know, I would say my garden does reflect me and I don’t recall every trying to make it what I am not. It’s chock a block full of all variety of flowers, crowded and showy. I prefer the heritage and old fashioned flowers FAR more than the fancy schmancy new hybrids. I love a variety of colours, bloom types, and tend to be enamored with those I’m familiar with from childhood though I definitely have some “adult” faves. My garden is me: I’m not prejudice, I love all sorts, and they can be crowded yet live happily side by side without any tension or cattiness. It’s a blissful place.


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