Garden Musings Podcasts

In my morning mail came one of the occasional e-mails I get from Farmer’s Almanac. Along with some wonderful spring recipes, weather predictions, gardening tips and such is a page of archived podcasts. They are in MP3 form and can be downloaded, or you may listen to them on the Almanac site. I listened to April’s podcast this morning (they’re short) and plan to go through the rest as I have time. I thought some of you might enjoy them. This is the link to the podcasts only, or, you can use the links as listed below.

April 2008 – As Nature Intended

March 2008 – The Eyes Have It (or This Spud’s for You)

February 2008 – The Greatest of All Junipers

January 2008 – Satisfy with Salsify

December 2007 – Cyclamens for Christmas

November 2007 – The Roots of Evil

October 2007 – Terrariums

September 2007 – Milkweed

August 2007 – Dragonflies

July 2007 – Lilies

June 2007 – Miniature Vegetables


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

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