My Soul is Sunshine

“In the garden, my soul is sunshine.” – Proverb

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

* * *

Note added: For the metrically challenged, double the number and add 30 and that will give you an approximate number in Fahrenheit. :) (temperature x 9/5 + 32 to be exact) Where I live, in the Annapolis Valley, we almost always go about 5°C above the predicted high. Yee. Haw.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “My Soul is Sunshine”

  1. Hi Nancy, we’re pretty overcast and cool today but the sun and warmer temps are on their way here too. Can’t wait!

  2. So glad the sun is shining in NS! Irony of ironies: Sunny and warm (57 degrees) in Salem today in frosty Washington County vs. cool and cloudy (47 degrees) down to the south in NYC.

  3. Amen! We’ve got the nice weather here too. Finally! I started digging a new garden this weekend. I think the ground stayed warm from all the snow this winter, so I’m out digging early. At least there was one benefit to all of that snow!

  4. Translation ” Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy… ! ” Glad to see that Spring hasn’t forgotten about you up there in Nova Scotia. Minnesota has still got a snow cover and we could still get one this April.

    Hang in there !

  5. I’m delightfully sore after spending 2 enchanting 60 degree days cleaning garden beds and, like Carolyn, singing “Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy… ! ” I’m sending this beautiful weather your way, Nancy! Happy Spring!

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