A Sigh of Spring

“‘Tis a month before the month of May,
and the spring comes slowly up this way.”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Take heart, my fellow Nova Scotians — spring is slowly but surely settling in. Finally. We drove to my aunt’s house (that we are hopefully moving into later this spring) for our weekly walk-around inspection, and after a few days of sun and slightly warmer temperatures, some signs of spring have finally been coaxed out of their winter hiding.

The buds on a purple lilac were swollen and definitely showing bits of green.

This bud, which belongs to a small tree, also looks like it is ready to burst forth.

A careful raking of last fall’s leaves revealed many pansies and new growth on several clumps of blazing star (Liatris).

Even this fungus looked attractive in the absence of snow!

My uncle’s compost bin, begging to be stirred and emptied.

Our visit today was short as the sun was lovely, but the breeze still cool, so we are planning an afternoon of yard work next weekend, if the weather holds. Just seeing these hints of spring was like a tonic for my spirit, and the countryside looked a little brighter as we drove back to town.

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “A Sigh of Spring”

  1. What great shots! And I love the Coleridge quote. Wonderful thought of the spring coming up slowly. For those of us for whom it does come very slowly, we get more time to appreciate every single day, every little change. Lovely, Nancy.

  2. I agree, wonderful shots! I’m glad to see you’re finally getting some signs of spring. I’ll try to wait patiently for my turn.

  3. I too love the quote. I keep reminding myself that patience is a virtue that I must work to master. I am trying to enjoy the slow onset of spring when I am just raring to go!

  4. I love your photos! And, I’m lusting after that compost bin. STILL haven’t picked mine out yet, but I really really don’t want to have to build one on my own.

    Looking forward to lilac pictures. I’ve got a few in my yard, and I’m trying to spread out the little runners/shoots. Any success with that?

  5. Nancy, How fun for you to explore the place you may live soon. So happy for you to get some of the spring weather way up there too.

    There’s an award waiting for you at Hoe & Shovel.

  6. Isn’t it wonderful to see some signs of spring? Everyday more green appears in my garden.
    Haven’t stopped here for awhile, so I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your poem posted on Thursday–beautiful imagery. And, of course, the rose on Friday:)

  7. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m thoroughly enjoying my visit with yours as we share similar gardening conditions.

    I’ll be sure to return often to see how things are faring with you.

  8. Nancy, oh how fortunate. Looks like there will be more gardening in the offing with the upcoming move!


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