Watch The Birdie

“For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers
appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come…” – Solomon

This was my bird’s eye view yesterday — the photos were mostly taken through window glass and trust me, my windows aren’t very clean this time of year! There were dozens of finches, some of them starting to brighten their colors in misshapen patches of lemon yellow.
The warblers are a more recent addition to the feeder, but they’re gluttons, and once they perch, the other birds are hard pressed to move them.

The blue jays are ever-present and I love their vivid plumage. You can see in the second photo how the maple trees are loaded with swollen buds. Now, if we could just have a few days of sun!

This flicker seemed quite grumpy! He turned toward the window and gave me a look of, “What DO you want? If I pose for you, can I get on with my lunch?” :)

And finally, a lone mourning dove, cooing its sad song from a wire. I’ve also included a photo taken a few weeks ago…they’re actually quite a pretty bird.

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

21 thoughts on “Watch The Birdie”

  1. I am so glad I am not the only one who has lost some stuff from my blog. I too had to switch. Did your photos copy over? I read they stay on the old server. I have had to reload all of mine. The words come and videos too.

    My grandmothers family is all Canadian. Love the area of New Brunswick.

  2. Your windows are a lot cleaner than ours!

    I love the photos of the flicker. We saw our first on our lawn last year; that red blaze on the neck is brilliant.

    The Song of Solomon quote is a favorite of mine. Have you ever heard the William Billings four-part choral arrangement? To me it’s the sound of spring (well, that and birdsong).

    Sunny here in NYC today! Yippee!

  3. I love listening to Blue Jays. They’re so loud and just doesn’t seem to fit such a fine looking creature.

    Great shots.

  4. We have mourning doves, too, and they’re one of my favourite birds. I love their song.

  5. Delightful poem and pix, Nancy. I love the sound of the bluejay also, it reminds me of a flute. Spring will be your way soon, the goldfinches say so.

  6. I haven’t seen a flicker since last summer, or even a goldfinch, in my yard. So anxious for the birds to return! We have lost lots of snow this week thank goodness.
    Hey, your windows look fine to me, great photos.

  7. I absolutely adore bird feeder pictures, Nancy. Can’t have too many as far as I’m concerned. I wish warblers would come to my feeder. We have tons of gold finches and house finches, Bluejays and Cardinals. One day I had a Grackle – he was very pretty. Your flicker is to die for – what a handsome bird! Mourning Doves have a lovely, soulful song. Thanks for sharing your birds!

  8. Nancy,

    I love the markings on the flicker, a really good looking bird.

    My windows are dirtier than your windows! No one can take a photo from the other side!


  9. What lovely birds! I like the bluejay and the flicker – are they really called flicker?

  10. *Tina — it appears everything is where it should be. Having to redo all those photos is reason enough to stay with Blogger, I think. :)

    *J – no, I’ve never heard the Wm. Billings choral arrangement, but you’ve piqued my interest now and I must look for it!

    *Anthony — I love the blue jays, too. They certainly can be noisy and have so many different calls.

    *Amy — I like the doves; my Dad, on the other hand, finds them depressing. :)

    *Frances — I’m holding you to that…the finches wouldn’t lie!

    *GP — I’ve only seen the occasional Flicker…they aren’t a frequent visitor.

    *Debi — I’m so glad you enjoyed my birds eye view :)

    *Karen — yes, they’re really called flickers…worse still, they’re Common Flickers. :)

  11. Beautiful birds, all, and some of them unknown to me in England. I think I would especially like the blue jays and flickers to starting visiting us here.

  12. I live ten metres above ground in the highest house in the area so the most common sight from my windows are magpies climbing roofs (or the odd man cleaning gutters). Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Nancy and thanks for continuing to check in on my progress…The garden is finally starting to exist outside of my greenhouse… All of it is very exciting…except the weeding… man, I must be getting older because my body feels like I was run over!

  14. Nancy, You bet. I should’ve gone with blogger to begin instead of through an ftp. It has been a nightmare. I think I will get it straight someday and will stay put!

  15. Oh I loved your picutre of the flicker. In French they are called “pic flamboyant”. Much better than “common flicker” don’t you think? I’ve just discovered them this year. They are all over the place here, it seems now that I’m aware of them. I swear they weren’t here last year ;-) We have two pairs that have taken up residence in our yard. I love to listen to hem. I was able to capture a nice picture of one back in Feb. and posted it on my blog. Yours looks much darker in color. –Curmudgeon

  16. It’s really interesting to see pictures of garden birds and other wildlife that we don’t see in the UK.
    They embellish the mental picture I have of a garden, somehow making it more alive.

  17. Great pics Nancy. You have quite an assortment of birds in your yard and I have to say, your windows don’t seem to be dirty at all!

  18. It’s nice to see the gold finches turning yellow again, isn’t it?
    I love the quizzical looks the blue jays give.
    The flicker looks like a dour English gentleman. Hmph!
    Yes, mourning doves are very pretty with their soft colors and sweet faces.
    How lovely to see all your birds. Thanks!

  19. Ahhh, Flickers. We were for a walk yesterday afternoon and we are both sure we heard a Flicker … they are back! They eat ants … we have a lot of ants … they are SO welcome to them!

  20. i never knew mourning was the sad word…I thought it had something to do with the early hours of each morning!!! thanks!

  21. I love watching birds from inside the house. We have two bluebirds that visit regularly to feast on all kinds of bugs. Hopefully just all the pesky ones.

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