Out Like a Lamb

Image © Fred Jackson

March roared into Nova Scotia like a lion, and true to the old adage, it appears she’s going out like a lamb. We woke this morning to beautiful sunshine. Unlike recent dawns that hung low, grey and brooding in the eastern sky, today daybreak was bright with golden light and lively with the twitter of birds.

It’s the sort of morning that smells of spring and turns your thoughts to warmer breezes and tender green grass. The cover of snow that fell on the weekend will disappear. Buds on the verge of opening will swell in the sun’s meager heat. Thin sheets of ice will melt and free small streams from their frozen immurement. All Nature sings on mornings like this.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Out Like a Lamb”

  1. Mr. Jackson’s lamb photo/art is exquisite. Congratulations for having sunshine for a change. You Canadians have had a rough time with weather of late. What did Jodi call it? The dreaded farch? Or something? Ah, but dreaded farches make us appreciate the springtime so much more, yes? Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Hi Nancy, It’s nice to know there are still places with “seasons”. Here in Florida the months just seem to run together. I miss the fall color and the crispness of a spring morning.
    Rees Cowden

  3. Our March is not going out like a lamb. It’s snowing again! We have had the snowiest winter (now spring) on record. Maybe I need to move to Nova Scotia because New Hampshire is just not doing it for me this year.

  4. Nancy, such a beautiful post and thoughts. We haven’t had much snow lately, just a few small amounts. Up here it’s been the cold that continues to persist. Still minus 17 range when we get up each morning and never even getting up to zero during the day — thank heaven for sunshine though. It really does make a difference doesn’t it?


  5. Down here in TN we are having 60-70 degree weather. Of course we have rain right now, but that’s what you expect from Spring. Gentle rains so I guess we are going out like lambs as well. Nice and sunny right now though!

  6. March here is leaving like a lamb too, so we seem to be running in parallel to you.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the progress of spring in Nova Scotia.

  7. We do all wish for some spring like weather for you and the other cold climate gardeners. You must be so ready to get out there and dig, maybe soon.

  8. It was a beautiful day…melting snow and sunlight. You can feel spring in the air.

    Cheers from another Nova Scotian!

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