A Tiny Spring Flower

Twenty-nine years ago this morning — though I can hardly believe it — this tiny spring flower came into my life. Angela Beth was born at 10:20am on a snowy March 30 morning, weighing a mere 5lbs 12oz. She still has the curiosity displayed in this long-ago photo and, interestingly, has worked extensively with native flowers as a wildlife biologist. Who knew? :-)

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

27 thoughts on “A Tiny Spring Flower”

  1. Hi Nancy, what a sweet photo from your daughter when she was tiny. such wonderful memories to cherish.
    Thanks for your nice comment. Always come back to your tranquil garden.

  2. nancy .. what a nice birthday wish for your daughter : )
    My son was born 28 years ago on the 27th of March in Halifax at the old Grace maternity .. snowstorm ? LOL .. typical Nova Scotia welcome ..

  3. My youngest daughter is also 29. Happy Birthday to your daughter. What a cute photo. I’m sure your day will be filled with wonderful memories of her birth.

  4. ppy Birthday Nancy – Beth – sharing a birthday with my brother!
    Beautiful photo inspecting the wonders of the flower! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Thank you everyone, for the birthday wishes — I’ll pass them along.

    *vegmonkey* — twins! :-) Who knew?

  6. I just totally freaked. I was born March 30th at 10:20 a.m. —

    but a few years sooner, as in 1950…

    Happy Birthday, Angela! You couldn’t have chosen a better birthday month and day or time! Grin.

    Nancy, the photo is adorable!!

  7. Marcia! Happy Birthday! How freaky is that?!! My girls and I were all born within the same hour: me 11:11, Angela at 10:20 and Erin at 10:50. :)

  8. What a wonderful, wonderful picture. You and I are both Pisces moms with Aries children, only mine is a son. :<)

  9. Awwww….I have residual mushballness and this reduced me to tears. Such a lovely tribute to your tiny spring flower. Happy birthday to your daughter, and many more happy memories to both of you.

  10. That is a picture that ensures the viewer will say, “Ahh, how cute.” Beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to your Spring flower!

  11. Nancy,

    Not sure there is anything new I can say…but your photos are always touching and this one is especially lovely. I know when I see photographs of my son as a child, I can almost smell him and feel him in my arms. Is it this way for you?


  12. A touching post, Nancy. You and your daughter seem to be a perfect pair, like beautiful companion plants. My children always wish me happy birthday on their birthday with the delightful quip, “Thanks for ‘borning’ me, Mom”!

  13. Nancy, what a lovely tribute to your daughter and it’s no wonder she has become a biologist with the lovely influence her mother has had. I adore that photo of her!


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