Bird-Chirping Weather

“My favorite weather is bird-chirping weather.”
~ Loire Hartwould

It’s definitely a bird-chirping day here in Nova Scotia today. With another four inches (groan) of snow expected, the birds don’t seem to be bothered a bit. In fact, if their lively song is any indication, I’d say they’re quite happy about it.

There have been myriad birds to the feeder this morning — finches, blackpoll warblers, juncos, chickadees, and the occasional blue jay — but the gold finches outnumber the rest by a long shot. The above photo (enlarged to show color better, therefore somewhat grainy) shows how these little fellows are getting a much brighter yellow in preparation for their spring courtships.
The little chickadee is ever present, happy to snatch a single seed at the time from the feeder.

A Black Throated Blue Warbler, made a brief appearance this morning, but was camera shy. This is but the second or third time I’ve seen them, though my daughter tells me they aren’t that uncommon in Nova Scotia. [Illustration here.]

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

25 thoughts on “Bird-Chirping Weather”

  1. Ah yes, more snow. I send a warm winds wish your way. My littlest one loves birds so I plan to show her your post later. We have to make a bird feeder next year. I look forward to you capturing your elusive birdy!

  2. Nothing better than morning tea with a blueberry muffin at the table looking out watching birds at the feeder–and the freaking squirrel climbing up the pole to it. Gotta go…

  3. Nancy,

    delightful photos, I never quite capture them the way you do. The birds are good company on snowy days!


  4. Sigh….what a lovely post, Nancy. I, too, love “bird-chirping weather” and find your bird photos to be exquisite. Hope you can photograph the elusive warbler next time – they’re quite shy, those guys! Debi @ GHT

  5. Last year I saw a warbler for the first time near my feeders. Don’t you just love them. I couldn’t seem to get a picture of him either.

  6. Thank God for birds! There would be little color and activity in the garden without them. I enjoyed your post!

  7. How wonderful that the cold doesn’t seem to bother the bird’s chirping, or maybe they are saying to each other, ‘When will this snow stop and spring finally show it’s warm face around here? Oh, well, let’s eat, the human is being very nice to give us food. Chirp”

    Frances at Faire Garden

  8. Nancy,
    I wake up and hear the birds and love the sounds of a nearly spring morning. Today I saw a cardinal couple drop by to visit. My feeders were visited non stop most of the day. It looked like O’Hare must on its busiest day.

  9. Don’t you just love the bird visitors? I love to sit and watch them drink from the birdbath. Such little bits of fluff and color and beauty, all wrapped up together.

  10. Yes, it’s always nice to hear a good bird song to remind you that spring is near even though the ground is still covered in snow. Also wonderful to see the bright splahes of color they bring to an otherwise dull, monotonous sea of white!

  11. More snow! Ugh! Our feeders have been very quiet for the last few days. I miss my little visitors. Your photos are lovely.

  12. you’re so lucky to have such a lovely variety at your feeder … but then again you’re quite far south. It’s wonderful that you enjoy them so! Thank you for capturing many of them with your camera for us.

    The Canada Geese have returned up here this week. The dark eyed juncos have been back for a while. The redpolls, crossbills, and pine grosbeaks have nearly all fled for their breeding grounds though a few stragglers still remain. The delightful Chickadee stays with us year round — such darlings as they are.


  13. It’s getting damn tiresome, isn’t it Nancy? (the snow, not the birds). I’m not as good at identifying birds as you are, but I’m so glad to have the redwinged blackbirds back, and to see the goldfinches brightening up. I know we’ll make it, but that ol’ spring irritability that David Phillips talked about on CBC is spot on! I need some warm sunlight and something green in the yard–even weeds would be welcome.

  14. Great bird photos. Our birds are so plain–mostly gray or brown. It’s nice to see ones with color. They look so good with the snowy background.

  15. So sorry about your snow, but the birds must be some consolation. The birds have gotten very vocal in the last week or so here. Bluebird songs yesterday at 6:30 AM and Eastern Towhees all day. I’ve only seen one warbler so far this spring – a yellow-rumped warbler.

  16. I hear the robins now and I know that spring is on the way here in northern New England! We had six inches of snow yesterday, but I think it will melt fast and I’m hopeful that spring is just around the corner!

  17. I’m so very pleased to have all of your visits — I believe I’ll turn on comment moderation so I can better respond to your generous thoughts. Thanks so much!

  18. Love the photos of your feathered friends visiting your feeders! I’ve been meaning to take photos at my own feeders for a long time… and this might just inspire me to do so!

  19. I love your birds! We have lots of goldfinches, too, and they seem to have regained their bright summer plumage. They’re ready to mate, obviously, even if the weather isn’t cooperating!

    Wish I could get as close as you do to the birds. Your photographs are beautiful.

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