Rackety, icy, offshore wind…

“It was cold and windy, scarcely the day
to take a walk on that long beach.
Everything was withdrawn as far as possible,
indrawn: the tide far out, the ocean shrunken,
seabirds in ones or twos.
The rackety, icy, offshore wind
numbed our faces on one side;
disrupted the formation
of a lone flight of Canada geese;
and blew back the low, inaudible rollers
in upright, steely mist.”

Elizabeth Bishop, The End of March
photo/Walton Beach © Nancy Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “Rackety, icy, offshore wind…”

  1. Nancy, your photos are just incredible! Thank you for visiting my blog, Seedlings. Sighing here…if only I could capture images as beautifully as you do.
    hope spring arrives for you soon–although every season is beautiful in its own way.

  2. Hi, Nancy, thank you for being first to view my newest post today at plantwhateverbringsyoujoy.com. I appreciate the visit. I’m returning the jaunt. Do you know Mary Oliver’s poem Wild Geese? Warmly, Kathryn

  3. The photo is amazing, Nancy. That sounds like a description of today’s weather here. It was frigid out in the wind again. I just can’t stay outside in it. It goes right through you! Feed the birds, and then in again. My snowdrops bloomed yesterday in spite of it! Cause for celebration! :)

  4. Nancy, Nova Scotia is one of the most beautiful, rugged places I’ve ever been too but your photos take that beauty and raise it to a whole new level.

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