From My House to Yours…

The things we do to our cats………… :-)

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “From My House to Yours…”

  1. Very clever, Nancy. I just squirted Mungus with water because he wouldn’t get down out of the cabinet, but I guess I could put rabbit ears on him too.

  2. Jodi – Happy Easter. Actually, I just Photoshop’d those ears on — our cat would go ballistic if we tired putting them on for real. :)

  3. HAHAHA, very funny and totally adorable. Good job with the photoshop! That’s the only way I’d get a picture of my dog with anything on her head.

  4. Very creative Nancy. I’m smiling at your sense of humour, and your pretty kitty :)
    A very happy Easter to you!

  5. Happy EAster back atcha. Luna, my dog, would let me put the ears on her but she wouldn’t let me take her picture. Cute picture.

  6. Ok, I never more read posts together with my cat. Now Mauzi also wants to have this big ears!!!
    Wishing you a Happy Easter

  7. Happy Easter, Nancy

    Great picture!
    It was my poor dog who suffered the indignity of rabbit ears and who was far less tolerant than your cat. Poor pets!

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