As the snow falls once again here in Nova Scotia, I am happy to have a little bit of spring inside. I received a pot of daffodils yesterday which are just starting to open, and there are lots of buds yet to come. I don’t think there’s anything that signifies hope of spring like these lemony flowers.

“Daffy-down-dilly came up in the cold,
Through the brown mould
Although the March breeze blew keen on her face,
Although the white snow lay in many a place.”
– Anna B. Warner

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “Daffy-Down-Dilly”

  1. Nancy, Oh that snow! I wish I could share my sunshine and warmth with you. But the truth is it won’t be long and you will be in the midst of glorious weather and I’ll be wishing YOU could share with me.
    Love the daffodil photos and happy you have them to remind you of the promise of spring.

  2. We’re expecting a quick burst of wet snow in the morning. Hopefully it melts before the day is done!

    Lovely daffodils :-)

  3. what a perfect spring time gift. I love flowers in the house too. Sure hope your birthday was grand.

    Though it’s still a very long way away for us up here, I’m thinking of the beautiful flowers of spring and summer so I posted on on today’s post.

    I hope everything is well with your FIL.


  4. I just posted about Daffy-Down-Dilly, but somehow we both managed to use different poems. You have nice photos.

  5. * Meems – I wish you could send some warmth this way, too! I’m sure it won’t be long before nicer weather settles in — March sees much change.

    * Lintys – thanks for your kind words and for your visit!

    * Melanie – We had a bit of snow yesterday, but it has mostly melted away today. I hope yours is gone as well.

    * Diane – thank you for your birthday wishes and for asking about my FIL. He went home from hospital Friday, and though still very weak, he’s coming along and feeling much better. :)

    * Elizabeth Joy – (Joy is also my middle name!) Yes, the poem I used is a very long one by Anna Warner, quite unlike the one from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book. She wrote a beautiful book called Gardening by Myself, a collection of thoughts and poetry about her gardens.

  6. Glorious daffodils! Nancy, I’ve just spent a most welcome respite, going through many of your recent postings – just the tonic on a chilly, pre-spring New England day. Our snow, north of Boston, has vanished, unlike that of your 3/13 post. But the swamp ices over every night and I long for the first “peep” of the spring peepers… Deb

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