Flicker of Hope!

I was watching this bird through my office window yesterday, hoping to get a shot or two. I believe it’s a Common Flicker, as best as I can identify it with my bird field guide. (If I’m wrong, please feel free to correct me.) S/he is fluffed up because of the wind. I managed a couple of photos before it flew away.

Before going back to my desk, I marveled at how beautiful the sky was — perfectly blue and cloudless. I panned the camera to take a shot, and what caught my eye but these open buds on a large maple tree near the parking lot! It’s amazing what two days of sun can do!

Seriously, I was so excited! I’m fairly sure they’re not leaf buds as this particular tree “blooms” tiny, greenish flowers before it leaves out. But it’s certainly a flicker of hope!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Flicker of Hope!”

  1. Speaking of flickers… :-)
    We’ve had a flicker at our bird feeder all winter. They’re quite large and aggressive. And, yes… we continue to enjoy that flicker of hope as we anticipate that Spring is just around the corner! Love that Blue Sky!

  2. Isn’t it funny how excited we are over the small signs of spring? One of our Maples in the yard is budding (yes, they’re flower buds), and when we look at our tree line across the road we can see a tinge of red on the maples.
    I don’t remember noticing this before I got my digital camera 2 years ago :)
    Beautiful shots of the Flicker and the tree against the blue sky! We see the Flickers occasionally.
    Hope is flickering here too, especially with the return of the redwings.

  3. I’m quite sure you are right! What good shots you got. Let’s see, our maples will look like this by the end of April-first of May. :<)

  4. Nancy,
    I too had one at the feeder and ran to the bird book. I loved the red banded neck. It hasn’t been back so I figured I was a restaurant stop on the bird’s way somewhere.

  5. I wish I could run to our home in WA for a few days to watch Spring, we have a small maple tree and a cherry tree that will be awesome. I miss spring in Wa, it is so different that in Florida.

    I loved your photos!

  6. How cute she is! The ones we have flocking here have red on their backs not sure what they are either, but there are many in the woods now! Nice sky pic with the red trees too! Definitely a nice flicker of Spring!

  7. the flickers have returned here too. We get the Northern Flickers here and they’ve come back earlier than usual — they’ve been here about 2 weeks already.


  8. We all are looking for a Flicker of hope. All signs of spring are greatly appreciated.

    You can tell the FLicker males and females apart by the mustache that the males sport.

    Young are very brownish looking like the flicker in your picture appears. Of course on a gloomy day all birds look darker.

    Those maple trees are trying to hurry sping in too.

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