Wildflowers in Winter . . . Sort Of

Week Seven’s Wildflowers in Winter theme is: wildflowers in kids’ art.

“Post a photo of a child’s art creation featuring wildflowers (or other favorite spring flower, I won’t be picky) on your blog or theirs. You have until Tuesday night, March 4 to get them up on a blog. … The winner will receive a really cool Dover Publications Wildflower Coloring book and a neato set of Prang watercolors, some watercolor paper and a piece of graphite paper. If you have any questions be sure to ask.”

Now, my grandson, Nolan, turns 18 months old tomorrow, so while he loves to color and draw with the crayons he got for Christmas, it would be pretty difficult for him to draw a wildflower. And I don’t have any other small children in my life right now, not even neighbors. So I’ve done something a little different — and the finished product is a combination of Nolan’s “art” and mine.

I started by scanning this delightful masterpiece he made for me during their Christmas visit.
I then scanned this photograph of gorgeous lupins and lilies that grew in a field next to our home. I took Nolan’s masterpiece into Photoshop and lifted the “flowers” from the background, then layered them on the lupins photo. If you click to enlarge, you can see where the bits of crayon have landed on the little girl’s face.
I then flattened the two layers, removed the dots from the little girl and in doing so, incorporated Nolan’s “wildflower art” into the photograph. If you look closely, you’ll see it. Voila!

By the way, that little girl is my daughter, Erin…Nolan’s Mommy. :-)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Wildflowers in Winter . . . Sort Of”

  1. Nancy,

    I didn’t see the photos on your post but maybe it’s because I have mac and blogger doesn’t support mac.

    Cute baby….

    Please stop by my blog and visit again.


  2. Hi Gail — I deleted a draft copy of this post and it must have taken the photos with it. Grr. I’ve re-uploaded them, so I hope you’ll come back for another peek. :)

  3. Is that ever cool! I enjoyed seeing your photographs … Nolan’s art is cute. Time passes quickly – I imagine it feels as if just yesterday that the photograph with your daughter was taken.

  4. Nancy: What a lovely way to preserve your grandson’s art and combine your photography on your daughter’s chilhood photo. I like the whole idea. I don’t have photo shop but I’ve seen way cool things done with it.

    My youngest grandson just turned 2- it is a fabulous age.

  5. So clever! Even better that you put his art on his moms pic. I dont have a granchild yet….but when I do, I hope I remember this idea.

  6. Nancy, aren’t you incredibly talented and creative?! Wish I knew how to use my PHotoshop … still can’t figure out how to do layers :) ah well, I sure do like what you did here. Wait ’til Nolan’s older and sees what you helped him do!

    Btw, I adore lupins.


  7. Joey’s too old to win but I’ll post something he made me when he was a child. My favorite flower.

    Chapter 1 is almost finished.

    And I posted a new vid by Beth. It’s gorgeous. Come see.

    And btw, this is a great idea!

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